The Laughing Gull

Session Zero: Intro

An Introduction to the World

We got a brief intro to the world. I'll write these up this time, and please chime in if you remember things I'm missing. 


Significant NPCs (non-player characters):

  1. Captain Cris Carver – Captain and owner of The Laughing Gull. Credited as the greatest explorer to ever sail. Allegedly dead in the shipwreck. 
  2. Barus Greyport – world famous Skipper and nautical Engineer of The Laughing Gull – "The Ship That Discovered The World".
  3. Ten Bevel – former soldier of some renown. Known to be the personal bodyguard of Cris Carver and The Laughing Gull's crew.
  4. Rey Carver – daughter of Cris Carver, and apparent leader of this camp. 


Outline of events:

  1. You lived in a mundane (nonmagical) world prior to today. One night you are teleported by some magic to this place. 
  2. Your appear, along with a large group (~15) of others, in the middle of a busy campsite. Waves crash somewhere below a cliff behind you. Ahead is a large group of dirty, terrified pilgrims. A forest lies beyond, outside the fire's light.
  3. One familiar figure lays unconscious on the ground, with a few papers scattered around him. He's in his 70s, a short, heavy-set and balding man with an ivory peg leg. You may recognize him as Barus Greyport. A number of pilgrims tend to him.
  4. A large and dangerous looking man, in his early 60s, stands beyond the unconscious Barus. Behind him, the greater group of pilgrims cowers from you. He threatens violence, wielding a large branch. He is calmed by a few of the player characters. His name is Ten Bevel, and he tells you that they've been losing party members nightly to creatures that raid the camp. He's very protective.
  5. A young woman, dark skinned, with dreadlocks and a long scar crossing one milky-white eye introduces herself as Rey Carver. This is the daughter of the late Cris Carver. She explains that they had found a backpack from a fallen companion that had a few magic-looking papers in it. One had some words about teleportation in it, and they thought it might help them get out of this dangerous place. Barus read the words on the paper, apparently summoning ya'll, and in the process knocking him out. Rey seems bent on peace and asks for your help in protecting the pilgrims through the night. 
  6. This is the Uncharted West – a new landmass for which the pilgrims have no maps. 
  7. The Laughing Gull is broken in two, 200 yards offshore. The group lost at least 12 strong swimmers in the water between the ship and shore. Those that survived were knocked unconscious and don’t know how they made it ashore.
  8. The teleportation was not a time- or dimension-travel, you're still in the same world and the same night, just far from where you were.
  9. A half-elven hunter ("Tralian") enters camp, maimed and dying. He's apparently one of the pilgrims. He asks for paper. The gnome (Josh), seeming to have already gained some grasp of magic, stops his bleeding and stabilizes his wounds. The sage Skamos (Zach D) also goes to Tralian with quill and parchment, and draws a map as he describes it:

    1. The coast runs northwest. 
    2. About 2 days up the coast was a very small wall and some stone structures we may be able to fortify. 
    3. There was also good foraging a half-day inland from there. Unfortunately, there was also a den of wolves–or wolf creatures–there as well. 
  10. Ten works to organize a watch, while the dwarf Blarndor looks to the woods, daring the monster within to come and fight. 
  11. Howls ring through the air, and everyone grips whatever weapons they have tightly.


ZWhit ZWhit

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