The Laughing Gull

Session 4: Journal Entry 6/29


Journal Entry: 6/29/17 [You guys, this is a long one, sorry, but we learned a lot]


Party Members:

  • Inspector Bask Bumblethorpe, Gnome Wizard: Jacob
  • Rekken, Dwarf Druid: Domenic
  • Gimble, Gnome Druid: Josh
  • Ravel Pythagora, Half-Elf Bard: Ben


Events as recounted by The Inspector.  If anyone else has anything to add, please feel free.  Also, bolding has been added to notate possible avenues to explore in the future.


We decide that we want to explore Glasswater, but first want to take care of some things at camp.


Tristan Graystone, a Halfling sailor at camp, was tasked with checking out the running water underneath the barrow mound.  We have closed off two of the four Barrow Mounds to keep them as the Adventurer’s Quarters, where we can store our stuff.  The water was under one of the other ones.  Tristan ripped up more of the tiles and scoped it out, found that there was a natural cave underneath the mounds.  There are tunnels underneath that run for a long time, then open into a huge cavern, with what seems like a long drop down to water with some debris in it, and a little bit of light shining in from somewhere.  He couldn’t explore all of it, though, but we definitely have to investigate this cave.


               Barrett, the drunk leatherworker that seemed kinda shady, and brought a ton of drugs with him that we found on the ship but didn’t return to him, was tasked with investigating the crazy long hole/tunnel under the outhouse.  He can’t make any progress around it, so knocks down the privy to investigate further.  He gets Tristan to go down into the tunnel since he’s small, but he couldn’t make a ton of progress through the tiny shit-stained tunnel.  As we’re talking to Tristan, he seems like he’s hiding something, but Ravel buddies up to him and eventually he reveals that Barrett threatened him unless he went down there to explore, and Tristan ended up getting sick with all the gross shit there.  Barrett seems like a piece of shit himself.  Is this connected to the caves beneath the Barrow Mounds?


               Ten Bevel mounted the ballistae from the ship that we recovered on top of one of the structures at Shore’s Rest, and started a second smaller wall outside the garden (updated map of Shore’s Rest attached).  We talk to Rey Carver some, and she seems to be doing a little better now that she has some closure with what happened to her father, the famed explorer Chris Carver that was leading this trip (he’s dead).  We talk a lot about the dude that we encountered on the ship; he was tall, blonde, pretty, and well-kept, and Rey asked us if we felt the weird aura that surrounded him (we didn’t really).  We also discuss how he seemed to transform when he dived off the ship, and I recall that it looked like he started to develop like bronze scales as he jumped.  Ravel says he’s heard lore about shapeshifting creatures like wizards, yuan-ti (snake people), and dragons.  We notice that all the dragon statues are bronze and think there might be a connection between them and the guy we encountered.


Barus Grayport and our fellow adventurer Algernon have been working on a boat some, and seem to be making some decent progress.  Tralion and the scouts followed the bloody path that lead NNE from camp, and deduced that it was a path that some undead had taken on their route to Hecary.  They also found a road going NE from Hecary that we think might lead to Glasswater, and update our map for us a little bit.  Fentin Hagerman, a miner from camp, has been going out with Tralion looking for any ore quarries, but the only thing he can find is that bright white metal that we don’t recognize.  After talking with Oroth Windstone, the smith, Ravel thinks that this metal is Mithril, which is a legendary metal that we’ve heard about but nobody has ever seen where we come from.  Oroth says he might be able to use it, but would need to find clay to build a kiln.  We ask Fentin to keep his eyes peeled for any in his mining excavations.  Also, Rekken and Gimble, the druids, spend some time with the farmers at camp, Mick and Tawn, working on the big-ass garden. 


We’re getting ready to head out, and we feel a large earthquake.  Rekken and I go down to the Adventure’s Quarters to make sure everything is ok, but on our way down, Ten Bevel calls out that a traveler is approaching, so Ravel and Gimble go check it out.  When Rekken and I get down to our quarters, we see Barrett going through all of our shit.  I cast Suggestion on him, and tell him to stand in one spot and jump up and down until we get back, and then we head up to meet Ravel and Gimble and see who this traveler is.


A Half-Elf bard-looking guy approaches the camp, named Angus.  We invite him in and he seems like he wants to trade.  He has a lot of equipment, including some magical stuff, that we look over for a bit, and make some trades.  However, it seems like he knows a lot about the world, and being the first native that seems like he’s willing to talk to us about it, we end up asking him a million questions, and hiring him to take us to Glasswater as a guide, while we keep asking him a million questions.  Things we learned from Angus:


  • We’re in what was formerly known as the Halfling Lands of Oscos
  • Oscos is the country and also the continent (in the same way as America is both).
  • There’s a border to the north, at the mountains, to the Behemoth Lands, and oceans on all other sides of the continent.  The oceans are highly dangerous.
  • The war 12 years ago (the year 905) was between Oscos and the Behemonths.
  • King Vasho, aka The Bronze King, was a Dragon, and the king of Oscos, and fell in battle against the Behemoths (this is known as The Fall).
  • Darius and his paladins drove back the Behemoths, and Darius is now the king of Oscos, known as the High Holiness.
  • Angus learned about us from the natives, and came to find us.
  • Angus asks a lot of questions about our defenses at Shore’s Rest (we don’t like this).
  • People outside of the capital are all referred to as Outlanders.
  • Nobody has heard from Darius in a long time.
  • Darius commanded everyone to move to Forsyn after The Fall.
  • All the statues that we have seen around of dragons are of Vasho

Angus takes us to Hecary (halfway between Shore’s Rest and Glasswater) for the cost of one of the copper trade bars that we had.  Then offers to take us to Glasswater for a second bar.  Then will answer all of our questions for a third bar.  After discussion, we agree to this.  On the way to Glasswater, we run into a pair of bugears, dragging off a dead griffon.  We manage to kill them both easily, but discover that Angus has disappeared.  He left a note that said “sorry, I had to,” and leaves us one of our copper bars (honorable of him).  However, we also noticed that he left no when we saw the bugbears, but instead when they took off running towards Glasswater, which we found odd.  Also, Gimble and Rekken each took one of the two Griffon eggs that the bugbears were about to destroy.


We head towards Glasswater, and hear what sounds like wooden whistles and the sound when you rub your finger on the edge of a glass with water on it, along with the sound of seagulls and smell the salt in the air.  As we approach the outskirts of the town, we notice another statue of an armored man, the same as the other one we saw, though its arms don’t quite look right.  In town we see what looks like the remnants of a huge battle between elves and bugbears, with lots of dead on both sides.  Rekken talks to a seagull, which tells him that the bugbears won.  We investigate the buildings, but don’t find much, except this really cool looking Lute, which Ravel picks up immediately.


We head down to lower Glasswater, the majority of the city is down by the water, and find the source of the sounds we were hearing.  All the trees are carved like whistles, so the wind blows them.  The water is completely still, like glass, and there are all these fish that make the other sound when they jump into the air.  Never seen anything like this before!  We see a flash of like purple hair on a Halfling, and call out, but the Halfling runs away.  As we head down, we notice this rune on a wall, but Ravel recognizes it and plays his lute and we pass by safely.  As we walk, all of a sudden that Halfling pops out and grabs us and pulls us into this bush.  The Halfling says, “oh, good, Ravel, right?” and drags us towards a building.  All of a sudden a bugbear pops out and one-shots the Halfling.  We blast the bugbear, who is dragging a Gnome slave behind him, named Symae.  We talk to Symae, but tell him to wait here while we check out the building that the Halfling was taking us to, the only stone building in town, which we deduce is the Hard Bard (the name of the inn that the note that piqued our curiosity about Glasswater mentioned).


We enter the Hard Bard, and there are three bugbears inside, all wearing white and gray hats, which are the colors of Forsyn.  We blast the hell out of them quickly, with a couple of Thunderwaves and then a Sleep spell.  We heard them arguing about a door, and as we look around, Ravel finds a couple secret notes and a tip jar.  The first note is from someone named Taethan to Angus, the bard we were with, and it looks like someone tried to burn it.  The second note is from Angus, to Taethan, and dated today, and talks about us some, and has ink spilled on it (both notes attached).  Inside the tip jar, there’s a note rolled up that says, “Going secretly to Papp’s Sauna for Sara Jean,” and is signed E.  Doesn’t make any sense.  It looks like there should be some kind of door behind the bar, but we can’t figure it out.  However, in Elvish, over the bar, it reads, “Play along, leave a tip of gold, together discover legends untold!”  This stands out, as everything else in the bar looks Dwarfish, so Ravel plays a song, and Gimble drops a gold into the tip jar, and the secret door opens!  It leads into what looks like a temple of the Dwarven God Moradin, the Creator, except now it’s covered in Bronze Dragon stuffs that are not Dwarven.  We deduce the temple was abandoned long ago, and was last used as some kind of resistance or something that was dedicated to the Bronze King Vasho.


The whole temple seems like it’s been converted into like an information-sharing headquarters, there’s paper-making desks and lots of writing supplies and ink and stuff.  In one of the back rooms, we find a whole load of what look to be clandestine correspondence of some sort, just like the notes that we found in that stash-space in the tree near our camp (all attached, more info about the world and the history of it).  There are a few remaining rooms which we hear sounds coming from, and it’s just reanimated corpses.  We finish them off, and find a bunch of other stuff:


  • Giant Arrow covered in old blood
  • Potion of Animal Friendship (Rekken)
  • Wand of Web (Rekken)
  • 3 Philters of Love (2 Ravel, 1 Rekken)
  • 2 Barrels of Clean Water
  • Navagational Tools worth 25g
  • Mask made of Cloth of Gold with dolphins on it worth 25g
  • An Immovable Rod (Bask)
  • Potion of Water Breathing (Gimble)
  • Some random weapons and instruments
  • A Necklace of the Sliver Moon (Ravel)

We collect everything, including our new friend and ex-slave Symae, and head back to Shore’s Rest.



  • There are a series of caverns under the Barrow Mounds and under the outhouse.  These warrant some investigation.
  • What did that note in the tip jar mean?  “Going secretly to Papp’s Sauna for Sara Jean” signed E.  Is this code of some sort?
  • We have now found more information about Bronzeport, a town we had heard of in some of the notes left in the home at Shore’s Rest, and was brought up in the notes we found at the Hard Bard.
  • What’s the story with these statues?  The one at Glasswater looked odd, but we didn’t take a closer look.
  • There’s some huge Anacondas in the swamp, but also people that feel their pain or something?  Requires further investigation.
  • There’s some crazy beast in the woods nearby Shore’s Rest, with wings and a lion’s head or something.  Griffon?
  • We have deeds to some homes in Forsyn, but that might be the center of power of a shitty government that uses zombie slaves.


Attachment: PDF with

  • Updated Shore’s Rest Map
  • Map of Glasswater
  • Note to Angus
  • Note from Angus
  • Tip Jar
  • Note in Tip Jar
  • Map of the Hard Bard Underground
  • All of the headlines/notes that we found in the Underground, with then some analysis from Rekken and Bask.

Also, props to Rekken for putting together the document with the headlines, sorry I jacked the formatting of your questions on the last page.



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