The Laughing Gull

Session 3: Journal Entry: 06/15/17

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Journal Entry: 6/15/17

Party Members:

  • Inspector Bask Bumblethorpe, Gnome Wizard: Jacob
  • Vordaar, Dragonborn Paladin: Ryan
  • Brân Glyndwr, Elven Rogue: Rich
  • Rekken, Dwarf Druid [Editor’s Note: the E in his name should have an umlaut over the top of it, but apparently in our mundane world that character does not actually exist.  Use your imagination.)


Events as recounted by The Inspector.  If anyone else has anything to add, please feel free.  Also, bolding has been added to notate possible avenues to explore in the future.

Since our last outing, we’ve decided to set up a source for fresh water.  We managed to rig a pulley system to raise buckets of water from the nearby cliffs down to the ocean, and then create a desalination machine that boils and collects the water to purify it.  Fresh water problem, solved.  We mention that we were gonna go to the boat, and some shady guy named Berrit, a leatherworker, expresses concern; he says he has a bunch of porn there, but Brân uses his Medallion of Detect Thoughts to deduce that he actually has a ton of drugs that he was smuggling on the ship.  Apparently this guy wanted to become the Kingpin of the new world.  We don’t let him know that we know his secret.

We also notice, and remember that we had noticed this before, the outhouse seems to go down, like, really far.  This is noteworthy too, as we were unable to dig a well due to a ton of limestone not too far below the surface.  We ask some of the crew that’s staying at camp to dig around the outhouse to see if there’s a reason this might be the case, and then asked some others to try to rappel down the cliffs and see if there are any openings on it.  If this doesn’t help figure out what’s up with the outhouse, it might lead us to finding out what’s up with the running water that was under the pulled up tiles in one of the barrow mounds.

With that, we head out, joined by Rey, as she wants to find her father at the shipwreck.  We decided that we want to go investigate the shipwreck and see what the story is with that, after hearing some reports that people had seen movement on it.  We head east towards the spring/wolf’s den area, then turn south, as we want to explore a little inland of the coast on our way back to our initial campsite.  We run into Tralion, the scout, and he tells us a couple things.  First, he saw a bugbear north of Hecary, which might bode further investigation.  Then also, at one point the fog lifted when he was in an open field, and he saw that to the far north there is a huge mountain range.  He estimates roughly 100 miles away, though he can’t be sure.

We continue south, and though I fall slightly ill for some reason, Rekken gives me a Goodberry and I stop shitting myself.  We make camp for the evening, and have an uneventful night.  We continue south and reach the edge of the swamp.  As we’re traversing through, we come across an Anaconda, just kinda chillin.  It’s frickin huge, so we being the bold adventurers we are, we kill it.  Vordaar manages to Critically Smite the thing, and almost one-shot it.  However, we did notice that when his blow landed, we heard a scream from like 100 feet away that sounded humanoid and female.  After we kill it, we hear a sound of a crash and someone running away.  We also see a bulge in the stomach of the Anaconda, and cut ‘er open.  Inside is a whole boar, in a bear trap, and a Dwarf that is tattooed and dressed like the natives that we saw before.  He’s got a pretty fancy ring that we Identify as a Compass Ring that always points north.  Rekken, being the best at surviving in the wild among the four of us, snags it.  Then we take off towards the direction of the sound.  We end up losing the tracks at some deeper water.  We push forward into the night to try to get out of the swamp to camp, and get to some higher ground that turns back to forest, and setup camp for the night.  When we wake up, we see there are slither-tracks of another one of those giant anacondas near the edge of the swamp, but we were not disturbed during the night.  So, there are some big snakes with some kind of connection to humanoids of some sort in the same.  Though we’d like to investigate further, we decide to push on to the shipwreck.

We head due south and arrive at our initial campsite.  It looks almost just like we left it, though we do see some newer tracks that circle the camp and came from and go back to the cliff.  We scale down the cliff to the shallows, and see our shipwreck a couple hundred feet out, but the waves are pretty crazy.  After some trial and error, and a few people dashed against the cliff face by waves, we figure out to use a grappling hook to go from rocktop to rocktop, which will eventually lead us to the boat.  We do so without too many problems, though we do have to rely heavily on Vordaar’s strength.  Rey is impressed, and Rekken is jealous of the attention.  We get to the last large outcropping that our ship broke against, and realize the ship was actually lashed to the rock with lots of ropes.  There’s a lifeboat overturned on the rock, and Rekken checks underneath, only to find a Dwarf, that he recognizes as his sister-in-law Voldrum, who was a companion to Chris Carver.  RIP.

We move onto the ship, and see a body laid out with a sailcloth draped over it, that turns out to be Chris Carver.  It seems like during the wreck, he was impaled on the splintered steering wheel, but someone has laid him out like this.  Rey is devastated.  However, we hear footsteps coming from below.  We head down into the ship to investigate, and in Carver’s quarters, we see a dude standing there.  He looks at us (specifically us, not at Rey), and says “I can’t believe it’s you.”  He then turns and dives out one of the windows.  We try to stop him, but to no avail.  Brân shoots him but he doesn’t even flinch, and we notice that as he dives into the water, his feet seem to web or something, and he’s just gone in a blink and doesn’t surface.  We search the rest of the boat, and aside from all of the dead that we find (that we notice DID NOT animate, like so many dead we’ve seen before have), we find a bunch of stuff.

·        A bunch of silver and gold that we split among the party and Rey.

·        The Charter of the Laughing Gull, signed by the Queen of Avni, giving the ship the right to declare conquest in new lands.

·        An odd small box with runes, Identified as a Box of Sending, but we don’t know where the twin is.

·        2 weeks of good food (and a bunch of rotten food we dispose of)

·        4 days of water

·        3 sets of leather armor

·        2 sets of scale mail

·        10 short swords

·        5 corssbows with 10 quivers

·        3 casks of run

·        2 large tens

·        Building tools

·        Seeds

·        1000 feet of rope

·        Navigational equipment

·        Heavy mounted crossbows (can be used for our settlement’s defenses)

·        Warning bell (can be used for our settlement’s defenses)

·        10 bottles of whiskey

·        Barret’s hand-drawn porn

·        Barret’s drugs (which we decide he doesn’t need, though haven’t decided what we’d do with yet).


We pile all of this stuff into the lifeboat and row it to shore, after giving all of the dead and Chris Carver a proper burial at sea.  We get everything to shore, and then send back to camp for the wagon, and escort it and all our supplies back to camp.



  • Unsure what’s going on with the outhouse or the running water under one of the barrow mounds.  Possible that the crew back at the campsite has discovered something while we were gone?
  • There’s at least one bugbear north of Hecary.  Where there’s one, there’s likely more.
  • There’s some huge Anacondas in the swamp, but also people that feel their pain or something?  Requires further investigation.
  • We never found more information about Bronzeport, a town we had heard of in some of the notes left in the home at Shore’s Rest.
  • There’s a bloody trail with signs of bears that heads N/NE from Shore’s Rest
  • There’s some crazy beast in the woods nearby Shore’s Rest, with wings and a lion’s head or something.
  • There might be a civilization in Glasswater with a resistance of some sort that we wanted to check out but didn’t make it there.
  • We have deeds to some homes in Forsyn, but that might be the center of power of a shitty government that uses zombie slaves.




Attachments: map of the coast and sea leading to the shipwreck.



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