Until now, your life has existed in a mundane world, devoid of magic and abundantly boring. It's medieval times, and you've spent your days learning a trade, honing certain skills, but perpetually aching for adventure. 

Today, adventure found you. 

Being yanked from your past life and thrust into a new and fantastic world may, or may not, be a happy circumstance, but here we are. Your character now finds him/herself among a group of strangers. 

You stand among a diverse group, most as confused as you are. Before you, a large crowd of wind-tossed and terrified pilgrims huddle behind a brutish and well known Ten Bevel. Nearby, the world's most famous engineer has apparently fallen unconscious from performing the magic that brought you here. 

Things are briefly tense, when a half-elven woodsman stumbles into the camp, mangled and near death. He asks for paper, and quickly explains where to find food, water, and a defensible location nearby. 

It's very quickly apparent, that you are the only hope for these pilgrims.

The Laughing Gull

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