The Laughing Gull

Session 12: Verbeen
On Fae Wode's Edge

Written from the perspective of Vordaar


After we slew the goblin party that was transporting the captured gnomes, Bask hears some small wings fluttering away.  Nobody saw what it was but Bask cast some sort of spell that allows him to know which why the wings were flying.  We both give chase to it.  After about 400 feet of sprinting through the forest following my tiny comrade, he suddenly stops.  He says they tiny beast is faster than us and we are not gaining any ground, it was a futile pursuit.  We turn back to the group and collectively ask the freed gnomes questions about our assault on Verbeen. 


One of the gnomes warns us about some plant called ‘thunderlilies’, seem silly to me to worry about rabbit food, how could that hurt me?  He seems persistent that they are to be considered a threat so I decide to take his advice.  He also tells us about some sneaky hobgoblins and a caster that is very strong, they are formidable and more cunning than other goblins we have encountered (this get me going a little (whoosh)).  He explains the lower city is a decoy city and the real dwelling of the gnomes is up in the trees.  He gives us the basic lowdown on how their transportation system works, (large baskets with some sort of magical pulley system) he also gives us a key to activate one of the baskets.  After he gives us all this information Algernon escorts them back to SR.


We approach Verbeen from the South East.  On the way we see a sign that says ‘mind your step, don’t step on the flowers’ in gnomish and common.  As we get closer we dismount and tie up the horses.  I leave Ashley untethered.  We see two massive trees that have fallen down making a natural wide V shape.  Bran scouts out ahead expertly pointing out the lilies so we don’t step on them.  We find the trees are actually petrified wood and find a door at the base of the tree. 


It’s a really small door hole, I’m not sure if I can fit.  Bask detects a trap on the door and Bran uses his mage-hands to disarm at a safe distance.  We squeeze into the hole and find what seems like a nice little dwelling with a stair case leading upwards.  Bask sends the Baroness through the heavy trap door at the top but sees nothing.  Bran goes up and throws a dagger at one of the plants and it explodes with a great force (I believe the gnomes now).  We look out for enemies stirring but see nothing.  With that, we exit the room and get on top of the tree. Swinn notices a small draw bridge connecting the fallen petrified tree to the nearest standing one as well as a hole that could be for a key.  We try our key out but it doesn’t work, so she expertly picks it and a basket comes down.  Eventually we figure out how they work and ride the basket up.  Once we hit a certain height a whole new world in the trees comes into vision.  Bran hears another set of wings start to fly away and quickly sings an arrow and smokes it out of the air.  As it falls, its invisibility fades, it’s an Imp.  We hear whispering coming from one of the other baskets and make our way over to it.  Its full of scared gnomes.  At this point I’m getting anxious for battle, I can’t help but start to pace on the walkway while the rest of the group is talking to the survivors.  Someone hands me some binoculars that let me see things better.  It’s really nice, my vision has always been subpar.  Suddenly I see Bask cast a spell and jump off the walkway towards the temple of Mystra.  Without hesitation I jump right behind him along with everyone else.  Finally, some action.


While we are falling we see a trap door open and I hear some faint words being muttered, I feel myself jolt to the ground for a second almost as if the spell was being tampered with but resume falling slow.  As we land a storm forms right above us and starts hailing down as the trap door shuts, it sucks, we all get hurt by it.  6 shadowy hobgoblins appear around us and make feeble attempts to hurt us.  They do seem to land blows on Bask, I wish I was closer to him to help.  He disappears as Swinn crushes the skull of one of the goblins.  I hear commotion and the sound of lightning crackling at the merchant hut where Bask went as the remaining goblins disappear.  Cowards.  We inspect the temple trap door and find a tiny hut blocking the entrance similar to Basks hut.  Bran is able to map out a safe route to the hut Bask was at so we go there and find a trap door leading down.  We try to pick the lock but fail, there is an explosion.   Everyone escapes except me.  The building collapses on me but I brush it off and open the door.  In the dwelling there is a Blink Dog that immediately is drawn to Bask, he names her Lucy.  We eventually find our way to below the temple.  There is a giant gem with a riddle ‘Iron roof glass walls, burn and burns but never falls’.  Annoyed by this, I rip it out of the wall with all my strength.  It doesn’t seem to do anything so Bask has to Mend it back in place.  We solve the riddle (with some help) and open the trap door.  I hear some deep enchanting words come from Bask as I pop my head through the door, the goblin wizard screams and disappears.  There is a massive and well armored hobgoblin in the room which takes some effort to kill and the two sneaky ones attack my feet below (lol) I fire breath them and they end up running.  Bask casts another spell which tells him which direction they were running.  I send Ashley to stall them while Bask then cast fly on me.  While riding me we catch up to them and he casts a fireball to rain down on them.  That was the end of them. 


We report back to the gnomes and tell them it is safe.  We ask them if they want to come back to SR with us with their riches, they seem very happy we’ve offered and showed us where all their treasures were.  We leave for shores rest.


On our way back we pass by Meeka’s cage he says ‘I can feel Huro growing closer’.  We need to prepare for war.


  • Potion of Supreme Healing
  • Eyes of the Eagle
  • Spell Scroll (Cloudkill)
  • The Coga Slates: This libram is bound in gold plates set with pearl. Several of its pages appear to have been replaced with crude forgeries. When used in research, this tome provides a +1 bonus to Intelligence (Investigation) checks.
  • The Grimoire of Noamra: This set of etched glass plates is contained in an engraved bronze coffer. Written in Sylvan, these are ancient texts, telling bits of the story of the Red King… The Sorcerer Tyrant. Some say he was the spawn of archdevils. Others say his mother was an evil dragon. No one knows for certain. He was a genocidal maniac in a far eastern world. He grew to such heights of power that even the gods dared not challenge him. The Pantheon rallied their power into one sacrifice, forever cursing and weakening themselves, just to cripple him long enough to contain him. [There are pieces of the story missing.] The faithful used the curse to create for him an anti-magic cage. They tossed him and his cage into the sea, and now her denizens and deities eternally struggle to keep him contained. And the seas are forever spoiled for it. 
  • Codex of The Arcane Route – (gnomish) A thorough exploration of the magic item creation process. It finds some shortcuts in the way magic is done. Halves the creation time and cost for any artisan or mage in possession of the codex that is attempting to create a magic item. 
  • Spell Scroll (Charm Person)
  • 21 finely crafted darts (1gp each)
  • ONE I FORGOT: SPELLBOOK - The caster hobgoblin had a spellbook on him, containing the following spells (written in Hobgoblin): 

    • Ice Storm
    • Lightning Bolt
    • Fly
    • Fireball
    • Gust of Wind
    • Counterspell
    • Magic Missile
    • Fog Cloud
    • Fire Bolt

Also, a new Houserule was established: If casting two spells in a single round, via utilizing a bonus action, the lower one can be a cantrip or a 1st-level slot, (instead of the PHB's cantrips only). 




THEN, more from Brân:


Unexpected Allies – an excerpt from the tales of Brân Glyn’Dwr  

After days of riding, the trip back from Verbeen seemed like it would never end. To make matters worse, the sun, which had been absent for the better part of a week, returned like an unwelcome friend. Brân squinted and pulled his long black hood low over his face. His companions, Bask, Swynn, Vordaar, Wellby, and a small party of Gnomes, rode on in silence. “We did rescue these poor souls and killed their Hobgoblin tormentors,” thought Brân. “We should count ourselves lucky, but I know there is much unfinished business to attend to. And what of my pledge to Heden? I swore an oath to become a faithful protector, I must get back to the Fae Wode and the Glyn'Dwr Forest!”

“Hey, are my eyes playing tricks or does that mountain look different?” It was Swynn, she sat atop her horse and pointed to the west. Through a clearing in the trees, we could see a distant mountain. “If my memory is correct, that should be the snow-capped peak next to Bronzeport, the one with the waterfall that feeds the underground lake. But look at it, there’s no snow.” Vordaar lifted the Inspector onto his shoulders so he could get a better look. Bask scanned the distant horizon with the Eyes of The Eagle. That surely was the peak, the waterfall was still there, but Swynn was right, the snow was completely gone. “That is most curious,” said Bask as he pulled on his pipe. Wellby shifted in his saddle and turned to the group, “What of Bronzeport itself, do you think it’s been similarly affected?”


As the others rested and watered the horses, Brân strode off towards the ancient pine forest that stood at the side of the road. “I won’t be too long,” he said as he disappeared into the trees. After a few steps, Brân breathed deeply, closed his eyes and listened. He could feel the presence of the forest spirits, and, after a few more steps, he heard a faint whisper. It was the essence of Silvanus, the deity's voice was distant, obstructed, but felt nonetheless. Brân opened his eyes, and spotted a twig that had snapped off of a nearby sapling. Examination found the breakage to be a natural result of a deer's antlers. He moved to toss it away, but noticed a strange configuration of veins in its leaves. Staring intently for a moment, he found that the veins physically spelled out phrases in elvish: 


Forests and birds and grasses and serpents. The unknown, the living, the strange.

To countless stewards doth I entrust it, my wealth is a burden to Range;

Endless they Stride, increasing their skill, and each I calleth by name. 

Alas, they are mortal, and forever so, so my servants they'll ever remain.

The forests are mine, the beasts are mine, infinite, yet ruled by one.

But sayeth the wise, that a father discerning, leaves his riches unto his son.

Stewards of skill are precious indeed, and their labor is never in vain.

For sooner than not, the father retires, and only his heir may reign.


"What is it? What do you see?" asked Swynn who now stood next to the dark-elf. Brân looked away from the leaves to his companion. Without answering, he swung his eyes back. But in his hand he now held a young bird, it chirped once and then flew away. 


Back at Shore’s Rest feverish preparations were being made. The sounds of hammering and last minute construction filled the air. Grindstones spun unabated, sharpening sword and axe by the score. Ten Bevel drilled his men who now followed his every command with precision – “Shields up, spears out, thrust, and again!” A group of Gnome and Looke alchemysts huddled around bubbling cauldrons and odd shaped glass vessels. Others unloaded the provision carts that continued to arrive outside the walls. Brân headed over to the Griffon enclosure. The two hatchlings were now fully grown, and were being attended to by two Looke, experts in animal handling. One attempted to attach a simple leather saddle to the male griffon, but a kick of it’s powerful rear leg sent the Looke flying against the sturdy wooden fence. Just then Brân felt a twinge in his chest, it was as if one of his scars was on fire. He reached a hand beneath his leathers and traced the crude raised outline of an oak leaf – the symbol of Silvanus. The male griffon turned its head and locked eyes with Brân, “There is no time to lose, I have much to tell you and we have a journey to make.” The hair on the back of his neck stood up – he could understand the griffon’s words, yet no actual words were spoken. The two Looke stared slack-jawed as Brân jumped the fence and approached the griffon with a small morsel of meat in his hand. “What do I call you, do you have a name?”. The griffon accepted the offering with a quick snap of its sharp beak, “Our wild names are known only to us, but name me if you wish.” Brân leaned forward, “I’ll call you Arian, it means silver, after your silver wingtips”. The griffon turned its head and looked at Brân,“That is honorable.”


Brân mounted Arian, and the griffon’s wings sprang to life. After a few mighty flaps, they were airborne and began making large graceful circles above Shore’s Rest. “You people have been good to us, now a great battle looms and it is our turn to come to your aid.” Arian tilted his head back, let out a loud screech, and banked to the south. Brân tried to steady himself, but balance was tricky. After a bit, he attuned to the natural rhythm of the wingflaps and it became much easier. “Where are we going?” asked Brân, his voice raised above the wind. “We seek allies,” answered Arian. Brân looked down at the rushing landscape and recognized the approach to the original shipwreck camp, they would soon reach the cliffs that marked the natural border between the forested plain and the swampland. Arian banked left and circled back towards a large cave high on the cliff face. He again let out a great screech and continued to circle. His call was met by another inside the cave, and suddenly a much larger griffon shot out of the cave mouth and flew over in our direction. “Do not be afraid,” said Arian, “he is the elder, we shall speak.” Over the next few minutes, the two griffons swooped and screeched, and Brân held on with all his strength.

Just as quickly, the large griffon broke off, glided back toward the cave, and dissappeared.

“What happened?” asked Brân. “I pled our case. They will talk it over, wild griffons are unpredictable, but we will know their decision shortly.”


A member of the watch raised his horn and gave a quick halting blast. His partner trained a heavy mounted crossbow on a distant flying object that was closing rapidly. “What should we do? Maybe this is the beginning of the attack!” Vordaar, who watched the commotion from below, snorted derisively, “Stand down you fools! It’s Brân and his griffon!” Just then, a shadow streaked overhead followed by a welcoming screech. Arian swooped down and landed nimbly behind the walls. As he folded his majestic wings, Brân jumped down and turned to the Looke handlers, "Quick, we need lots of leather and rope to make flying harnesses, and send hunters out for some deer, we'll need more food for the griffons, lots more." Arian turned, “Please bring the Priestess of Mystra, my broodmate would like to thank her for her kindness.” Brân nodded and then pointed to the southern horizon, "Look, we have some new friends!" Off in the distance were the unmistakable silhouettes of nine approaching griffons. A loud cheer rose from the stalwart defenders of Shore’s Rest. "Silvanus be praised!"


Session 11: Wesson's Finest
Contractually Obligated



TRACK: Skyrim_drums_dramatic_v9


Pan over a small walled cluster of buildings, heavily fortified.




Zoom in closer to see VORDAAR and SWYNN overseeing the construction of a stone temple being erected in between four barrow mounds.




Zoom past the temple and over a small wall to see RAVEL singing and strumming his loot to a small crowd.




Cut to VORDAAR batting his eyelashes and blushing, as the camera pans over to a tall female red-scaled Dragonborn, clad in full plate, standing at attention and unflinchingly staring straight ahead, not noticing VORDAAR at all.


Pan to JAMIE WESSON smiling sweetly with an annoyed glare, then making a shoo-ing motion.



Cut to SWYNN with her arms outstretched and a radiant golden star of Mystra in the air above her.  She spins her hands and the pointed symbol stars spinning like a buzzsaw, then slams down into the back of ELF clad all in black.


Pan to the gnome BASK dragging a large burly HUMAN to the edge of a pit, and tossing him over the edge to plummet into darkness.




Cut to BRAN licking his finger, then wiping it on the cheek of a manacled elf, revealing the dark gray skin underneath.  A sadness creeps into his eyes, and he slowly shakes his head.




Cut to scenes of RAVEL pulling his jacket aside to show a badge to random people with varying responses.


A road-weary travelling merchant breaking into an excited grin.

A pair of guards looking at each other, confused.

A shopkeep who raises her eyebrows and motions him forward.



Cut to drone shot following the gondola going over the rushing waters to Wesson, then rising and panning over the large, walled city.


High shot looking down in a room with JAMIE and five DAISIES, as the doors open and GODSEED ENTER.











QUICK PAN to JAMIE with a big smile sitting at her desk, surrounded by five heavily armed personal guards, THE DAISIES



Cut to each one of our hero’s faces.

BASK staring at JAMIE, trying to read her smile.

VORDAAR swooning at the Red Dragonborn DAISY.

SWYNN smiling excitedly ever since she found out that the only men in the keep are the servents.

RAVEL eyes closed strumming his lute and humming, really feelin’ it.

BRAN head on a swivel, sizing up the potential enemies and noting the exits.






VO: On December 9th


VO: We rejoin our heroes,





VO: as they continue their exploration of the rugged unknown land of Oscos.








VO: Making new friends,




JAMIE: So if that will be all, then hurry, hurry along!






VO: Vanquishing foes,





BASK: I told you not to fuck with us or I’d throw you over the edge…






VO: Cracking the case,


BRAN: I find the truth is easier to face than living a lie.






VO: Or just showing off.



RAVEL: Ever seen this before?

RAVEL: Acacia Vesica? 

RAVEL: eye twinkle










BASK: We are the Goodseed,



BASK: from Shore’s Rest,



BASK: and we’re here to see Lady Wesson.







VO: But some daisies have thorns.






VO: December 9th.

VO: Oscos comes to a table near you.



THEN, more developments from Vordaar and Brân:

Vordaar had a little unfinished business in Wesson before the group took off to shores rest.  After the meeting with Lady Wesson, he took some time to scope out the two temples within the city walls. The first one (building #5) was a temple with a statue of Tyr on top of it, it was empty but appeared to be fairly maintained inside.  The other temple (#12) was next to Meekahs cage, it had two demon statues on the outside of the closed double door with two pentagrams on them.  There was a sign that said ‘mass twice a week at midnight’.  Vordaar sensed an evil spirit inside and decided to come back on the next service which was tonight and investigate. 


He approaches the temple under the cover of dark to find that the service is letting out, he notices one of the attendees is the daisy Rizaja (Vordaars crush).  Vordaar whispers ‘whoosh’, she doesn’t take notice.  Once everyone has cleared out, Vordaar stood in the doorway with his shield on his back.  Inside is a dark room only lit by candles, a shadowy elf priestess is kneeling by a giant pentagram that is glowing red in the middle of the floor, she takes notice of Vordaar.  She gets up and walks towards him and says’ greetings, I am Shiyara the High mediator of the Hall of the New Pact’.  She is extremely beautiful but reeks of a demonic aura.  Vordaar asks her what the purpose of her temple is for and she responds with some nonsense about helping the people.  He moves his shield from his back to his arm revealing the symbol of Kord as she offers to ‘show him one of her blessings’ and attempts to close the door and bar it.  She asks Vordaar to come down to the pentagram and experience her blessing, when Vordaar refuses, she says ‘I think you need to relax and come down here’.  With that Vordaar was under her control with some sort of dark magic.  Her words sank deep into Vordaar, he could have sworn he herd Kord say, ‘it’s okay, do what she says’.  He kneels in the middle of the floor and she circles him tracing the pentagram and bends over to kiss him.


Out of nowhere an arrow streaks through the air strikes her hard, dealing significant damage.  Its Bran! He jumps in the temple to her flank and notches another arrow. Unfortunately, Vordaar is still under her control, she points at Bran and says ‘kill him!’.  Without hesitation Vordaar runs over and slashes Bran twice, nearly killing him.  While he is attacking his friend, she morphs into her true Fiend form.  Bran expertly evades away and makes it to the door just as Vordaar blasts him with dragon fire knocking him down. 


Shiyara beckons Vordaar back to the pentagram and kisses him on the mouth.  With this, it felt like poison was poured directly down his throat, it nearly killed him.  Even close to death, all he can think about is her at this point.  She tells him to sit tight and wait, saying that Kord was proud of him.  She reads from an old book and mutters something about needing only a drop of Vordaars blood.  With that she pricks his finger and squeezes it to make some blood come out.  With this Vordaar snaps out of it, sees Bran on the ground and screams at her in draconic ‘YOU ARE MINE NOW!’.  He draws his pick-axe and strikes her twice, with two brilliant flashes of holy light he splits her in two, partially disintegrating her.  After killing her he heals Bran and apologizes profusely.  They find a +1 Scimitar (up for grabs) and an old encyclopedia written in abisle and demonic (assuming Bask wants this).  They light the temple on fire and sneak back to the inn. 


In the morning, there is a full investigation from the town guard and they eventually find their way to question Vordaar.  He admits to everything only leaving out that Bran was there and that the fire was intentionally lit to destroy the temple.  He is taken in shackles to Razaja and some other guards, when he sees her he starts whispering whoosh, whoosh, whoosh under his breath as they approach her.  Eventually Lady Wesson pardons him and says she wants to keep their arrangement intact.  Vordaar bows low to Razaja and blows a cloud of smoke in the shape of a heart towards her.  She hardly acknowledges him and walks away, Vordaar is undeterred.  The party spends a few more days to sanctify the Hall of the New Pact before leaving to Shores Rest. 


On the way back to SR we slay a few Ogres and meet some dwarves that say their job is to keep the road safe, other than that the travel was uneventful.


At Shore's Rest Vordaar begins to recruit some of the people of SR to the religion of Kord, naming his militia “The Fist of Kord”.  He also started to distribute the attached flyer around any town he goes looking for recruits.



THEN, more from Swynn:


It's currently the afternoon of Aug 25th. While chatting over lunch back at Shore's Rest, Vordaar and Brân spoke about hearing constant whispers echoing in their minds. Ravel chimed in with the same, and asked if they'd been able to make any out specifically. Brân said that he'd only been able to focus in on one; an elf inside a giant tree, who was praying over a congregation of other elves. Ravel then hesitantly told a troubling account from that morning. He'd heard a lot of voices that were very frantic in tone, even a few screams. Vordaar was surprised because he'd heard the very same. (UNRELATED BUT COMES UP: We also learn from Meehka that he will die on Nov 15th.)


Vordaar went away for a while and prayed intently about the frantic voices. He received instruction to tell Swynn to go to her new temple, at midnight, and… that was it. That night, Ravel was in the temple doorway, drunk, playing slurred music absentmindedly, hiccuping between stanzas. Swynn stepped over his legs to enter and went about her rituals. Ravel suddenly stopped, acting unnaturally sober. He looked her in the eyes for a long moment before snapping his gaze to his lute. He lifted the instrument over his head and gently shook it, as if retrieving a lost pick. A small packet of cocaine, wrapped in familiar waxed cloth, tumbled out from inside. It was blue with mold, and he gave it to her, again locking eyes with a warm but serious expression on his face. The moment she took it however, the sobriety left him. His eyelids drooped, like he might fall asleep, before he leaned sideways to barf across the dirt floor. A rambling and bumbling apology followed, and he walked away to find something to clean it up.


Swynn carves the packet up into a couple tidy blue lines right there on the altar. It feels like ice and smells like the jungle. It doesn’t take long before she starts to see visions. There is a peasant girl standing in the doorway: her name is Caitlyn Moonsong, she’s maybe about 11, and she’s frowning at the puke.


"Our Lady of Spells is on her deathbed, and I'm not far behind her. It is good we could reach you, we haven't the strength to intervene on this plane anymore, and Verbeen, indeed the entire Fae Wode, Gnomish race, and all of Oscos are in dire peril."


From there I have visions of the temple falling away and I’m in an ancient forest and she’s begging me to help the faithful, I see visions of demons and fire. I cast a protection spell on myself but the energy comes from Caitlin. Blue and purple energy flows from her hands.


As I focus my gaze out into the woods, my eyes make out a shape in the distance. It's chanting some incantation in goblin. I don't understand its words, but for just a moment I see through his eyes: on the ground, in an open patch of dirt, he's arranging stones, the way I've seen Bask do a hundred times, as if trying to cast some divination magic to see inside. I look up, through his eyes, where I would expect to see our temple, but all I see is forest.


To my left and right are another dozen or so hobgoblins, all regimented and in battle formation, intermixed with demons and fiends. They are all intently focused on the area where our temple should be.


Suddenly I’m back in the temple and it’s completely full of injured and dying gnomes who had been under attack from the hobgoblins. I try to heal them, but they can’t see me, my healing energy is still cast, but it again comes from the girl. I see that all the gnomes are deep in prayer to Mystra. I kneel and pray with them even though they can’t see me, and as I do I hear a dozen "thunkthunkthunkthunkthunkthunk"


"Arrows are striking our illusion!" one of the casters shouts. She's straining, beads of sweat forming as she continues the hand gestures to uphold the magical walls that are keeping them safe. "I don't know how much longer we can hold them!"


Gnomes all around me bow their heads, clearly praying, but not moving their mouths or saying anything audibly. But I can hear their prayers:  "Our Lady of Spells, please, if we've ever needed you it's now. Deliver us"


Swynn’s eyes are closed in prayer as well. When they are opened again, I’m back in the temple, and everything is normal.

Session 10: Journal Entry 12/12/17
The Fall of Mirrshaulk

Party Members:

  • Inspector Bask Bumblethorpe, Gnome Wizard: Jacob
  • Vordaar, Dragonborn Paladin: Ryan
  • Swynn, Moon Elf Cleric: Stacy
  • Wellby, Halfling Sorceror: Scott
  • Algernon, Drow Ranger: Jon
  • Veit, Dwarf Cleric: Witko


Events as recounted by The Inspector.  If anyone else has anything to add, please feel free.

July 23rd – Upon our return to Shore’s Rest from the last excursion, we receive a couple notes.  Algernon got a raven with a message that said it was from Dorikor, and asked for help because they were about to be invaded by Forsyn.  This doesn’t stack up with what we know about Dorikor, who runs the Goblin War Camp near Bronzeport, so he casts Speak with Animals, and the raven describes the people who sent it as wearing all black with white skulls painted on them.  We deduce that this was actually a fake, and sent by Huro of the Skull Looke to try to bait us into a trap.  We respond with a note that says, “we’re on our way,” but we don’t go, as we’re masters of deception.  We hope that this will buy us some time and the Skull Looke won’t attack Shore’s Rest while they wait for us to fall into their poorly designed trap.

We also get a note from Angus, the bard, telling us that in order to truly vanquish a threat, we have to consecrate the origin of the threat, as Vasho did, otherwise it will keep returning.  We manage to deduce that in order to do so, we’ll need a religious sigil cast in mithril, incense and petrified wood, and arcane magic to seal it all together.

We’re visited by both the Blue and Orange Looke.  The Blue join us as our allies, and inhabit the pirate caves below Shore’s Rest.  We get a rider from the Orange Looke who gives us a seed.  They say if we plant it, within three days, they’ll show up 400 strong.  Bran also spends some time to teach the tinkerers and smiths in camp to make the net-throwing ballistae that we saw at Hecary.

Bran also went down to the pirate cave below town and retrieved some Maro scales and the dragon leg that was down there, that we now know belongs to Sriko.  Maybe there’s some way she’d be able to reattach it?  But using the Marrow scales, Barus and I get the water rune working on the back of the boat, and find out that it’s activated by mithril.  We can now use that to propel a boat.  Take a long rest.

July 24th – We decide to head to the lair of the snake people.  Now that we know that they’re the remnants of the Green Looke and where they’re located.  Travel all day and rest in the bubble.

July 25th – We make it down towards the ruins, and we find a small pit of regular snakes.  Vordaar goes to cover up the pit, and we see a Halfling run away.  We catch up, and it’s Tristan.  He’s poisoned or something and is scared and badly wounded.  Vordaar heals him, and he comes to his senses.  He tells us there’s a guard at the mouth of the cave, and we send him back to Shore’s Rest.  Algernon sneaks up and headshots the guard.  With the entrance to the caves clear, and night approaching, we rest for the night.

July 26th – We head into the caves and go back the same way we went before.  We make our way back to the large pit where we left off before.  It goes down 60 feet to a pool of water full of snakes.  I cast Fly on Vordaar and he flies down, then cast Featherfall on the rest of us, and we all grab on and float along behind him, him holding his shield out with Light cast on it.  It’s super badass, like a flying human centipede with a headlight.  We get down the pit and it opens up into a huge room with a Ziggurat in the center, illuminated by torchlight, and with a bunch of cultists in camps set up around it.  We hear screaming, and recognize it as Tralion’s voice.  At the top of the Ziggurat, Tralion is on an alter, and there’s a Yuan-ti with a knife raised over him.  I blast him with a Fireball and Algernon shoots him, and he runs off, leaving Tristan.  We grab him, and pursue the Yuan-ti into the pyramid.  We enter the second-from-top level and find a room with a pool of blood.  As we explore the rooms around it, we find a Yuan-ti Malison, then out of the pool of blood rises a huge badass six-headed Yuan-ti Anathema.  It probably would have destroyed us, but I use my last third level spell to Counterspell it and basically save everyone’s life.  We manage to take them both down, then head up to the top level.  We find the snakeman that was about to kill Tristan and kill him as well. 

We take a short rest (to regain some hitpoints and spells), then head down to level two.  We encounter a Yuan-ti Pureblood in a torture chamber, and Algernon just one-shots him.  We save the Halfling he was torturing, and find 8 other slaves imprisioned in cells, totaling 7 members of the Green Looke with tattoos that match Zila’s.  They tell us there are a bunch of eggs in one of the rooms on this floor, so we tell them to stay there, and we continue to explore.  We find a shrine with a couple Yuan-ti and a huge constrictor snake.  After we kill one of the Yuan-ti, a door opens and a Yuan-ti Broodguard joins, and we see a room full of eggs behind the door.  I fireball the shit out of the eggs, and we finish off the snakemen.  We burn our way through the first floor of the temple, and find some of the potions that the Yuan-ti were using the poison and corrupt the Green Looke.  We destroy them all, and loot the place, then head out of the caves using the Dwarven Teleport Necklace with all of the rescued and revived Looke cultists, and head back to Shore’s Rest.

July 27th & 28th we travel back to Shore’s Rest.  We forge mithril into the symbol that Swynn discovered, and bring that and petrified wood back to the Ziggurat, and I expend a third level spells slot to complete the consecration, thus ending the threat of the snake people and Mirrshaulk.  We return to Shore’s Rest on August 3rd.


NEXT STEPS (new developments on old notes in red):

  • There is an impending attack from the Black Looke on Shore’s Rest.  We don’t know when, but their tribe is 200 strong, and have manticores and war mammoths. Both the Orange and the Blue Looke have allied with us.  The Orange said they have 400 members that would help us, and the Blue have around 50.  We also saved the Green Looke, who number around 20.
  • The Snake Looke have become a real threat.  We’ve found their lair, and need to go in and wipe them out, though this will likely be a long and difficult process.  The Snake People have been vanquished and their lair has been consecrated.  They will no longer be a threat.
  • Forces are amassing at Camp Dorikor, the Goblin War Camp.  We should probably do something about this, referred to the children of Maglubyet by Frossay, from the Fae Wode, and an ancient enemy of Vasho.
  • Frossay has eggs that are going to hatch.  We don’t know when or where, but that’s bad fucking news.
  • We never found the monk in Bronzeport, but Wynn was his name, and he was once an ally of Bayarr, might have taken the mind control pill.
  • Wesson has mercenaries, we should check it out.
  • For what it’s worth, we have coke that give us hallucinations and really deep advice.  We think it might be fun to do a bunch of it and see what kind of crazy visions we all have.
  • There’s some crazy beast in the woods nearby Shore’s Rest, with wings and a lion’s head or something.  Griffon?
  • We have deeds to some homes in Forsyn, but that might be the center of power of a shitty government that uses zombie slaves.







**Later note: After speaking to some of the Looke in camp, we actually find out that there’s likely closer to 400 of them, if not more.  Their full strength was not at the gathering at Hecary.  And a few Looke even mention that they have a large fortress near Lake Amastacia that they haven’t seen in a long time, and might be well-fortified at this point.


With this being the case, it might be wise for us to at least go scope out the fortress?


Session 9: Journal Entry 12/1/17
The Looke Nation

Journal Entry: 12/1/17

Party Members:

  • Inspector Bask Bumblethorpe, Gnome Wizard: Jacob
  • Vordaar, Dragonborn Paladin: Ryan
  • Bran, Drow Rogue: Rich
  • Swynn, Moon Elf Cleric: Stacy
  • Wellby, Halfling Sorceror, Scott


Events as recounted by The Inspector.  If anyone else has anything to add, please feel free.  Also, bolding has been added to notate possible avenues to explore in the future. 

July 13th – We arrive back in camp from our last excursion.  We learn a few things in camp.  Tralion, the camp scout, was supposed to be checking out the gathering in Hecary, but he hasn’t returned.  Tristan, one of the people in camp, disappeared last night while he was on watch.  Seroc, Tralion’s apprentice, has gone out to look for him.  Rey Carver, the de facto leader of Shore’s Rest, says that they’re preparing for a possible attack from the Looke.  She asked if they could use the barrow mounds as shelter, and we agreed, though we kept one of them as storage and shelter for ourselves, with the Arcane Lock on it.  Barus Grayport asks if we have any Marro (merfolk) scales to help fix the boat, and Bran says he’ll go down to the cave where we encountered them and scavenge some.  Gralick, Bran’s friend from the cave tells us that he had a vision that we were very important, but also says he has cards if we want to gamble.  After getting apprised of the new developments in camp, we rest for the night.

July 14th – Bran tells us of a vision quest that he and Ravel had together overnight.  It sounds really trippy, and I think they got into the moldy coke, but Bran is now totally scarred all over with burns and is missing his nose.  He also tells us that Symic’s (the little gnome slave that we saved) arms and chest glowed under his shirt when Detect Magic was cast.  He’s a strange one, as the last time we saw him cast a spell it was a crazy powerful Fireball and then he just passed out.  Bran also tells us that they found some kind of weird water travel where they turned into fish and jumped into an underground stream near the Worg Springs while holding a piece of petrified wood.  And then he also said that he had a vision of weird little snakes coming from the south of Shore’s Rest.  Sounds insane, but we do know of the weird snake people from down there, so worth investigating.

We decide that our best course of action is to track down some of the missing people from camp.  Trying to follow Tristan’s tracks, we see snake tracks next to his, and we can’t have these snake assholes taking people from Shore’s Rest.  As we track them, Tristan and the snake’s tracks are joined by those of another humanoid.  We also find one of Tralion’s boots, and his knife.  Up ahead we hear a young boy call out for help, and we see him next to a body stuck in a bear trap, trying to pry it open.  It seems a little fishy to me, so I call out to be careful, but Vordaar charges towards the kid, and falls into a pit trap.  Turns out the boy is some crazy spellcaster, and then a big crazy Yuan-ti half-snake half-man shows up.  Pretty epic battle: Vordaar flies, then drops unconscious, Bran got confused and sneak attacked Vordaar, The Yuan-ti frightened Wellby and he ran away naked, Swynn created a golden anvil that dropped on the bad guys a bunch, and then crit a massive Inflict Wounds on them, and I dropped a Fireball on them.  Tough combat, but we survived.  The Yuan-ti has a note and a map on his person (attached).  The note mentions “The White Imposter has called a gathering in Hecary.”  The person on the ground in the bear trap is Seroc.  We send him back to town, but we didn’t find Tristan or Tralion.  Faced with a decision, go to Hecary to the Looke summit that is likely ending soon or track down the other missing people from camp, we decide we have to go to Hecary.  We think that if the Looke get mad at us, they would end up being the greater threat and could probably crush Shore’s Rest.  We make camp for the night in this super dope impenetrable bubble that I create.

July 15th – Travel towards Hecary.  We rest in my bubble hut again, and in the middle of the night, some wargs come up, but we can stay inside the bubble and just own them, which is really handy and cool.

July 16th – We arrive at Hecary around dusk.  Swynn, using her awesome armor, senses a dragon in the town square.  We also see griffins and manticores doing battle in the sky above the city.  We approach the city and encounter a Looke scout who stops us and summons one of the leaders (Bran sneaks off and follows us at distance).  The leader is kinda a dick, and we haven’t seen him before at all, and they surround us with spears and escort us in a hostile manner to the center of town.  They try to manacle us, but we aren’t having it, and some of the other elders come up and sit in what look to be ceremonial chairs.  As we enter town, we all hear a voice in our heads that tells us not to do anything rash, but she is here to support us.  We recognize the voice as the merchant Lyona who came to Shore’s Rest with Angus on July 4th.

There are 5 factions of Looke.  The Sklar-Qua (200 strong), with a black flag with white skull, are the warriors.  They used to be the keepers of the dead, and are the most vocal anti-Forsyn tribe.  Their leader is Huro, the one that was a dick to us.  The I’wi-Qua (50 strong), with a blue flag with waves, are the seekers of knowledge.  They live in the caves on the shores and have some boats.  Their leader is Agatha, and they seem to side with the Black.  The Solar-Qua (250 strong), with an orange flag with a sun, are all halflings, and seem to be the stealthiest tribe.  Their focus is reestablishing Oscos with farms and villages.  They are led by Rusho, and seem to want to avoid conflict.  The Lyrune-Qua (15 strong), with a purple flag with a moon on it, are the peacekeepers.  They were all but wiped out in the attack on Bronzeport.  They are led by our friend Mokishavo, and favor us.  Lastly, the Yuli-Yuli-Qua (only one person, the leader), with a green flag with a whispy circle on it, used to be the spiritual tribe.  The only remaining member is our friend Zila, who also favors us.

The five factions argue with each other about us, and about our actions.  We present the facts that we have gained to them: that we believe their new God Frossay is not the kin of Vasho, and is actually a white dragon, his mortal enemy.  We show them what we found in the temple of Vasho, the Ledger of Consecrations and the journal of the high priest.  Purple, Green, and Orange seem to agree with us (though we notice all the Orange tribe slowly sneaking away), but Black vehemently dislikes us, and Blue doesn’t trust us either.  The Looke bring a bronze statue to the town square, and commune with Frossay.  Frossay says she has eggs hatching soon (bad), and that their enemies are in Camp Dorikor (the war camp north of Bronzeport), mentions something about Maglubiyet’s Children (???), and says Shore’s Rest is the enemy (real bad!), and tells them to take us all out.  We run like hell, trying to make distractions and impediments as much as we can.  They have a ton of archers that all unleash on us, and it’s not looking good for the Duke Boys, but then all of a sudden a BRONZE DRAGON APPEARS and shields us from the arrows, then turns around and blows a Fear breath weapon at the Looke, scattering some of our pursuit.  We make it to a corral of horses and hop on and keep running.  Bran, who was trying to use some of their siege weapons against them, is up on top of a building, and the dragon swoops down, and tells him to hop on (totally fucking awesome), and we all run for a few hours back towards Shore’s Rest, then make camp for the night when we get a safe distance away.  Holy crap.

July 17th – We wake up in the morning with Lyona, who’s really Sriko, the daughter of Vasho.  We talk to her for a while and learn a bunch of stuff.  We are the Godseed.  Vasho made it so that when he died, if his children did not take power, some outsiders would be sent to Oscos to restore order.  That’s us.  That’s what we’re meant to do.  Pretty insane.  She also tells us that the other side of the bronze statues at least used to be in a monastery up in the mountains, where Vasho would often reside, and was the most scared place in Oscos, but they could have been moved.  Or Frossay could be there defiling it now.  We make our way back to Shore’s Rest with the Purple and Green Looke tribes and Sriko.

July 18th – In the morning Sriko tells us she must leave.  Before she does, she appears in her full splendor to everyone at Shore’s Rest and the Looke that have joined us there, and tells everyone that we are on the side of what is good and right and to keep fighting.  We’re pretty much all in love with her, especially Vordaar. 

After she takes off, we talk to Zila some, and ask her what happened to her tribe.  We notice that she has tribal tattoos all over her, and also they they’re actually really similar to the tattoos of scales that the snake people have.  She tells us that her tribe were the spiritual keepers of the Looki.  After the Fall of Vasho, they couldn’t commune with the Brood of Vasho, and other tribes were unhappy.  They turned to the Blue Mold for spiritual visions, which brought them closer to the gods (as it does for us as well), but it’s both good and evil gods.  Mirrskaulk, the snake god, convinced her tribe that snakes were close to dragons, and her whole tribe began to worship him.  He asked for sacrifices, and they sacrificed Zila’s sister.  Zila was the only one who protested, so they threw her in chains, and were about to sacrifice her, when Mokishavo and the purple tribe stopped them.  The Green tribe all ran off to the swamp and became the snake people.  They found this mithril sigils in the swamp, and tried to open them.  Legend says that dwarves were mining them and dug too deep, unearthing a great evil.

Also, the dwarves that built the wall around Shore’s Rest returned to build a large moat around the city, as we have grown concerned about an impending attack from the Black Looke.  The Blue Looke were also against us, but we think that they, as the seekers of knowledge, after seeing a Bronze Dragon fight for us, might come around to ally themselves with us.

Vordaar and Swynn and I set out to see if we can’t track down more of these snake people, because we’re super not into them.  We head out on horseback to the place where we fought the Yuan-ti before, and make camp.

July 19th – We wake up to find snake tracks near our bubble.  We follow them further southeast, into the swamp, which we notice is pretty dry, more so than we’ve seen it before.  We follow the tracks to find a small cluster of old buildings.  Inside we find an old bloody alter and some notes warning of dangers in the mines below.  We also find the entrance to a cave of some sort.  We head into it, and it opens up into a Dwarven mine.  We follow the mines down for a long while, like a few miles, skirting some pits, before finding anything noteworthy.  We come across a zombie wrapped up in a spider’s cocoon, then a wight and a few giant spiders that we dispatch with relative ease.  We find another room with a bunch of cocooned undead, and we just pew pew them all down.  We continue through the caves, and eventually come to a room with two Green Looke and a Yuan-ti.  We take them down, then take a short rest.  As we continue down, we find another room with three Yuan-ti, and a huge pit, where we hear drumming coming from.  We kill the three snakemen, but then hear an alarm sound, so we decide to run and come back when we have a full party.  It takes a few days, but we manage to return to Shore’s Rest unscathed.


NEXT STEPS (new developments on old notes in red):

  • There is an impending attack from the Black Looke on Shore’s Rest.  We don’t know when, but their tribe is 200 strong.  If we had every other Looke fight with us, it would be around 300 total against the Black, but we don’t have that support right now.  Also, the Black Looke have manticores and war mammoths.
  • The Snake Looke have become a real threat, kidnapping and charming people from Shore’s Rest.  We’ve found their lair, and need to go in and wipe them out, though this will likely be a long and difficult process.  Also, their map talks about a leader at a spring?
  • Forces are amassing at Camp Dorikor, the Goblin War Camp.  We should probably do something about this. 
  • Frossay has eggs that are going to hatch.  We don’t know when or where, but that’s bad fucking news.
  • We never found the monk in Bronzeport, but Wynn was his name, and he was once an ally of Bayarr, might have taken the mind control pill.
  • We want to go check out Wesson and see if there are friends to be found there.  We learn that they are mercenaries, and only really care about money.  Could be helpful in the future.
  • We should try to grill the elders about the history of the land, and see if there’s any lore about the Godseed, hopefully we can find out why we’ve been brought here? Talked to Sriko, and figured this out!  We’re the Godseed and we’re here to restore order to the land.
  • Do Angus and Taethan know the missing dragon brood?  What is the full story with that?  Was the dude we saw on a boat a dragon?  Is the baby brother dragon still missing?  Is one of the dragons missing a leg?  Sriko tells us that the bards have always been the truth-tellers in Oscos, and have always been trustworthy to the Brood of Vasho.  And Sriko is the dragon missing a leg, which Bran recovered when in the cave looking for Maro scales.
  • For what it’s worth, we have coke that give us hallucinations and really deep advice.  We think it might be fun to do a bunch of it and see what kind of crazy visions we all have.
  • There’s some crazy beast in the woods nearby Shore’s Rest, with wings and a lion’s head or something.  Griffon?
  • We have deeds to some homes in Forsyn, but that might be the center of power of a shitty government that uses zombie slaves.




Session 8: 11/21/17
Conspicuous: Worg Springs and Bronzeport

Party Members:

  • Inspector Bask Bumblethorpe, Gnome Wizard: Jacob
  • Vordaar, Dragonborn Paladin: Ryan
  • Bran, Elven Rogue: Rich
  • Veit Bronanvil, Dwarf Cleric: Witko
  • Swynn, Moon Elf Cleric: Stacy
  • Quarion Xiloscient, Wood Elf Monk, Patrick


Events as recounted by The Inspector.  If anyone else has anything to add, please feel free.  Also, bolding has been added to notate possible avenues to explore in the future.  EDITOR’S NOTE: I had to step out of this session a bunch of times for stupid work, so I might have missed a few things.  Please feel free to add in whatever I’ve missed!

July 5th – In camp, Angus the trader is there.  We buy a bunch of livestock from him as well as a bunch of other supplies for town.  Vordaar takes the lead on this, and is able to haggle a decent discount.  The two Griffon eggs that we were holding onto hatched, and though one seemed like it might not make it, Swynn was able to help it pull through.  Tralion tells us there’s a bunch of wolves back at the cave north of town that we had cleared out when we first arrived in Oscos, so we set out that way to clear them out, and decide to head to Bronzeport after that to explore the crypt of Vasho’s Temple.

We make our way towards the springs and hear a bunch of howls, then find the corpse of a horse that had been ripped apart, but also seems like it was charred as well.  Bran scouts ahead and tells us there are a couple worgs hanging out at the springs, along with another wolf that seems to be flaming as well.  We find two worgs and a hellhound and dispatch them without too much of an issue, though both Bran and Swynn go down at one point.  We make camp at the springs and night passes uneventfully.

July 6th – We wake up and take a look at the statue near the springs.  Vordaar plugs in the two yellow eye gemstones, then I cast Detect Magic and Identify, and find out that it’s some kind of Divination spell, and we’re on the end that’s being scryed upon.  Then he pulls one of the yellows out and replaces it with a red gem, and we find that it’s some kind of conduit for spells (hence how the frost blast hit us from the statue back behind the waterfall).  Vordaar walks out in front of the statue to be seen, and we hear Frossay’s voice say, “Do not bother, Godseed, you are already dead,” and a blast of cold hits him in the face.  It hurts.  We take a Short Rest so that he can heal up, then head north along the river to Bronzeport.

As we head North, we notice some really big tracks of a snake, which is odd because it’s really far from where we’ve seen the snake people before.  We keep going and camp for the night, and Swynn hears some hissing on her watch.  All of a sudden, Quarion starts running away as fast as he can, and a snake-man pops out, along with two Looke-looking humans.  One of the snake people is chanting, “If I should fall, seek first my kin.”  We befriend one of the Looke with Suggestion, and kill the Snake-man (Yuan-ti) and the other Looke.  The friendly one tells us that we should go to the swamp with him and become gods.  We kill him, finish our rest, and move on to Bronzeport. 

July 7th – We arrive in Bronzeport, and it’s snowing, which is odd because it’s July.  In the city, the only signs of life are some bugbears and hobgoblins that were leaving to the north (probably heading to the Goblin War Camp we heard about).  We make our way to the lake, which is frozen, and manage to cross onto the stairs leading up to the Temple of Vasho.  We notice that someone tried to get into the temple, the doors are completely bashed up (but still held), and there are blood smears on the steps.  Vordaar touches the water, and the door unlocks.

We head inside to the sanctuary.  Tapestries are hanging inside showing Vasho fighting four different enemies: snakes in a swamp, hoards of goblins, Merro (merfolk), and a white dragon.  There’s a blood trail, old and dried, that leads to a door on the left, then there are stairs up in the back of the room, past two dragon statues (both with yellow gem eyes).  Vordaar approaches the statues, and a sigh comes from them when he pops out the gems.  We go up the stairs and Vordaar kicks in the door.  There’s a crazy undead  thing (a Bodak) that is totally ugly and has a gaze attack that almost drops Vordaar as soon as he sees it.  We manage to take him down, though both Bran and Quarion go down at one point.  The Bodak has a holy symbol with a really high rank etched on the back.  We find a desk with a document entitled Ledger of Consecrations (pdf attached).  It seems like these consecrations are powerful spells or something that help to repel invaders.  Might come in handy in the future, though no idea how they work?  In this room, there is a huge tapestry showing the four enemies of Vasho, along with a giant crown, a really deep pool, and a larder/root cellar of some sort.  We believe that this might be where Vasho resided within the temple when he was here.  The Bodak also has a key on him.

We go back to the door with the bloodstain trail, which leads to some spartan quarters for the priests, along with stairs going up and down.  The bloodstained trail goes down.  The level below has a huge mausoleum with like 16 individual burial chambers, and we open the first one to a banshee.  It sucks pretty bad, so after we finish her off, we take a long rest.

July 8th – Wake up and explore the rest of the mauseloum on this floor, and the floor below.  We fight a total of 10 skeletons and a wight over the two floors, then proceed down to the lowest floor to a room full of standing water.  There are four doors, then a big double door.  We enter each of the four rooms, all empty, and each of them has a plaque, one that reads DVUSHO, one that says, EYLO, one that says SRIKO, and lastly, one that reads KLEVO.  Klevo’s room is the one that the bloodstain leads to, and the room itself has a huge hole in the wall that was busted into from the outside.

The last double door has a huge dragon corpse in it.  The plaque reads two things, WRILLOVASH and VASHO.  Wrillovash is also the name of the lake here in Bronzeport.  There’s a bunch of stuff here that we loot as well.  Swynn deduces that there is a dragon approx 20 miles Northwest of us (Goblin War Camp? Not sure where this would be).  We head back upstairs to the priest quarters and burn through the rest of the rooms.  We find a wight in one of them, and some skeletons.  Swynn turns undead and it’s actually super awesome.  On the top floor at the end of the hallway, we find the high priest’s quarters, Bayarr, with his journal (pdf attached).  From the journal, we learn some cool stuff, full text is attached here, but standouts are: a pill that the new regime made people swallow to that leads to mind control and cannot dissent, and then that Klevo was killed on the front steps of the temple, and then dragged down to his crypt in the basement, but then was busted out from the outside.  We think this is the baby undead dragon we fought earlier, but failed to recover the bones.

After that, we head back to Shore’s Rest.


NEXT STEPS (new developments on old notes in red):

  • We never found the monk in Bronzeport, but Wynn was his name, and he was once an ally of Bayarr, might have taken the mind control pill.
  • We want to go check out Wesson and see if there are friends to be found there.
  • We want to go to Hecary now that we have proof of Forsyn’s crimes and a white dragon with cold breath that’s an enemy of Vasho.
  • What artifacts were the Forsynians looking for here in Bronzeport?
  • We should try to grill the elders about the history of the land, and see if there’s any lore about the Godseed, hopefully we can find out why we’ve been brought here?
  • Do Angus and Taethan know the missing dragon brood?  What is the full story with that?  Was the dude we saw on a boat a dragon?  Is the baby brother dragon still missing?  Is one of the dragons missing a leg?
  • For what it’s worth, we have coke that give us hallucinations and really deep advice.  We think it might be fun to do a bunch of it and see what kind of crazy visions we all have.
  • What’s the story with these statues?  It has something to do with the gems in their eyes.  Yellow/yellow is scrying, yellow/red is channeling a spell.  We don’t know the origin of the scrying though.
  • There’s some huge Anacondas in the swamp, but also people that feel their pain or something?  Requires further investigation.  Ran into another one of these people, they seemed a little crazier and more aggressive.
  • There’s some crazy beast in the woods nearby Shore’s Rest, with wings and a lion’s head or something.  Griffon?
  • We have deeds to some homes in Forsyn, but that might be the center of power of a shitty government that uses zombie slaves.






Session 7: Journal Entry 10/23/17
Bronzeport and Frossay's Cenote

Journal Entry: 10/23/17

Party Members:

  • Inspector Bask Bumblethorpe, Gnome Wizard: Jacob
  • Vordaar, Dragonborn Paladin: Ryan
  • Algernon, Drow Ranger: Jon
  • Gimble, Gnome Druid: Josh
  • Yaris, Elven Wizard: Witko


Events as recounted by The Inspector.  If anyone else has anything to add, please feel free.  Also, bolding has been added to notate possible avenues to explore in the future.  EDITOR’S NOTE: I had to step out of this session a bunch of times for stupid work, so I might have missed a few things.  Please feel free to add in whatever I’ve missed!

June 27th – We get back to camp to find a note from Angus saying that he’ll be back to Shore’s Rest on July 4th.  We don’t want to wait around for a week, so we resolve to make sure we’re back by the 4th.  At camp, we have a few updates.  Ten Bevel, the Captain of the Guard, says they spotted a scout a few days ago on horseback.  They tried to pursue, but the scout got away.  So someone knows where our camp is.  When they were pursuing him, he dropped a coin purse, which looked to contain new Mithril coins minted in Forsyn.

Symic, the little gnome that we rescued from Glasswater and that has some sort of crazy latent magical ability was waiting for our return as well.  He asked Ten if he could stay in our barrow, but Ten said that he couldn’t because it was locked, so Symic waited for our return outside.  When we arrived back he was over the moon and so glad to see us and said he hoped that we wouldn’t leave again.  We told him that we would be, and he begged and pleaded to come with us, so we let him tag along.

Trailon, our head scout, didn’t return from his solo expedition yesterday, when he said that he would.  His apprentice, Zarak, is worried.  We go talk to Zarak, and he said that Tralion went east to the river to look for clay with a wagon.  We decide that making sure he is safe is our number one priority, so we decide to rest for the night, and then head out to look for Tralion before heading to Bronzeport.  While resting, I have a dream that we’re in Bronzeport and all of the buildings are locked, but in front of them is gigantic padlocks, but then I look down and see that all of us don’t have hands, we just have keys on the ends of our arms.  Weird.

June 28th – We set out, and Algernon brings a flattop cart that we can use for a raft.  However, he turns it into a raft before we even leave camp, so Vordaar has to drag it the whole way.  Prolly poor planning, but whatever.  We head out east toward the river and find the tracks from Tralion’s wagon, though we also see a second set of tracks of a small humanoid of some sort.  We follow along the west bank of the river following the tracks.  The wagon is easy to track, but the footprints kind of fade in and out.  We camp for the night.

June 29th – Uneventful travel along the river following the tracks.  As Tralion was heading north, we’re both tracking him and on the way to Bronzeport.  We get to the edge of a swamp and camp there for the night.

June 30th – We continue to track Tralion’s wagon through the swamp, and in the late morning, we find the wagon, but no Tralion and no horse.  There is no sign of struggle, but there are lots of tracks surrounding the wagon, like he walked around a bunch here, then they lead off to the river.  We get to the river, and see it looks like Tralion was dragged across the river, and the tracks continue on the other side, one set of footprints dragging something man-sized and heavy.  Then we see hoofprints, where it looks like the body was loaded onto the back of a horse and taken north.  We follow these tracks all the way to Bronzeport.

We pass by the sign that says BRONZEPORT: CONDEMNED and the tracks continue towards the city.  We see one of those armored statues there, and it looks like one eye socket has a yellow quartz in it, and the other one is empty.  Both hands are pointed towards the large fallen bronze dragon statue in Bronzeport, and there’s an inscription that reads:

Burr’han 17:7: 7 For it is human, my brothers, that thou wouldst quarrel over and defend thine differences in belief.  8 The wise shall consider always the softer path, which I will show you when I appear: 9 above all, our swords belong to Oscos, and our souls belong to Vasho.  10 Lay thine blades, then, upon the earth, with open arms and hearts.  11 Pursue peace when peace seems furthest from reach, for it is in that place that I will hear you

We get to a temple out front of the city, and we see a bunch of hoofprints near, with some blood leading towards the city.  We stop and check out the Temple of Chauntee.  There’s a pool of perfectly still and clean water out front.  Once Algernon touches it, we hear a click, and the door unlocks.  We give it a quick look, but don’t see anything of interest, really.  It does look like it’s been untouched through the sacking of Bronzeport, which we assume is because of the magic/divine lock of the pool of water out front. 

We move around outside the temple, searching around, and see a shape in the distance, that we approach to find that it’s a goblin, impaled on a pair of spears and propped up with a finger pointing ENE, and two notes on him.  The first, placed in the fingers of the pointing hand, reads, “First one’s free.  You’re gaining enemies, but we can help.  Come to Wesson if you’re wise.”  The second one is in the pocket of the dead goblin, and reads, “Finish the fucking job your minions should not have been trusted with!  Retrieve the bones quickly.  Do not fail again.  Should you find the denizens of Shore’s Rest, deal with them and we can collect on two bounties at once.  The ultimate power will soon be ours; we’ll serve patrons no more.  –Dorikor” From this we can extrapolate that we have some potential new allies in Wesson, which is ENE, and then that some goblins were sent to retrieve some bones that there was a bounty on, and then that there’s also a bounty on us.  Nice.

We continue to look around and we hear a whisper carried over the wind that says, “is that you, Godseed?” but we kinda ignore it.  We find Tralion fallen down by the water wheel, and we help him up and get a story out of him.  Someone was tracking him, a dwarf, and knocked him out and brought him here.  Then the dwarf and some humans fought a bunch of goblins and hobgoblins and won.  Tralion snuck off during the melee, and the winners left.  We don’t know who they are or why they took Tralion, but if these are the people from Wesson, we should scope it out.

Looking around more, we find a bunch of bodies of goblins and hobgoblins.  For some reason all the goblins have diapers on?  It looks like they all also have their brains destroyed, presumably to keep them from rising as undead.  We find a bunch of horse tracks that left the area and headed ENE, assuming that’s towards Wesson, and those belong to the victors.  We do also see a few Hobgoblin tracks headed NE, and Symic says that’s towards the Goblin War Camp.  Also possibly worth exploring.  As Tralion is pretty hurt, we decide to put him in the temple to rest, and we’ll scoop him on our way out of Bronzeport.

We head into the city, to the monastery where we last thought that Wynn, the Monk we were last chasing, was.  The monastery is small, and made of black marble, and is locked, but there is one of those bowls of water out front, so Vordaar touches it and the door unlocks.  Assuming this is some kind of lock that tests the intentions of those trying to enter?  That must be why all of the temples in town are the only buildings left standing.  We head in and see a passage scribed into the wall (image attached).  We also see a rope and a bunch of footprints, and a door open on the other side of the monastery, but otherwise, nothing of interest.  I go outside and blow on my warhorn again to issue a challenge, but we don’t hear a responding horn.

However, we do hear that whisper again, and so I respond, “Yes, this is the Godseed.  Who are you?”  It tells us to come see it in the center of the cenote, the large underground sacred lake.  As we head that way, we see a huge temple to Vasho that stands high above the water, with some holes ripped in the bottom leading to what looks like crypts beneath it, and we hear sounds coming out. We make a note to investigate the sounds coming out of the bottom of the Temple of Vasho on the way out (spoiler alert: we don’t). 

We row up through the lake on a pair of boats to get to the center of the cenote.  Once we get there, we see a huge locked gate that spans the lake and won’t let us pass.  But Algernon, in a clutch move, touches the water, and we hear that same click again, and the gates open up.  We proceed to row into the darkness.  The whole time, the voice is whispering to us, saying that it’s the dragon Frossay, cousin of Vasho, and it’s been waiting to meet us.  As we row further and further in, it gets colder and colder, and eventually chunks of ice start to appear in front of us.  We keep going through some caves, and there are more and more large chunks of ice.  We see a hint of light up ahead, and hear the sound of running water, and as we approach, we see a huge waterfall that lands in a large cavern, and way up we see light from where it enters.  The cavern is where the voice is trying to guide us, and tells us to come behind the waterfall.  As we approach, the voice yells, “Now, my children!” and a bunch of kobolds come out of the walls and attack us.

A pitched battle ensues, with kobolds, kobolds with wings, sorcerer kobolds, and one crazy huge kobold.  I get a few with a sleep spell, Symic blasts a bunch with a fireball and then passes out.  Algernon manages to jump onto the icebergs floating to fight some, but the kobolds keep coming in and out of tunnels on the side of the cavern.  Oh, and there was dragonbreath.  The fight wouldn’t have been hard if it wasn’t for the dragonbreath coming from behind the waterfall.  It would be a huge blast of cold air, but then would freeze all of the spray coming from the waterfall and shoot it at us every other round or so and just ravaged us.  Vordaar goes down at one point, then again at another point, but manages to get back up a couple times.  Yaris isn’t so lucky.  One of the blasts takes him down, and he manages to fail all three death saves in a row, and his body is frozen solid.  [Editor’s note: this was highly dramatic and insane.  First character death of the campaign.  Whitley ripped up the character sheet.  Intense as fuck!]  We take down all of the kobolds except the big boss guy, who is just beating the hell out of us, through continued blasts of dragonbreath through the waterfall.  Using my last spell, as we’re almost tapped, I’m able to use Suggestion and make him our friend.  He helps us get safely into the tunnels on the side of the cavern, away from the dragonbreath.

We make our way, sans Yaris, may he rest in peace, through the tunnels on the side of the cavern until we get to a ledge behind the waterfall.  On this ledge, we see a bronze statue of a dragon, very similar to the armored knight statues we’ve see around, which is blasting the dragonbreath out from its mouth.  We inspect it further and find two gemstones in the eyes, one yellow quartz and one red quartz.  Vordaar pops these out of the sockets, and the breath stops.  Then we see the loot.  There is so much loot.  After loading up our two boats, we manage to cart it all out, and it comes to over 2k gold for each of the four of us (not Yaris, RIP).  We also find a really cool looking dagger that we think Bran would be interested in, as well as a bunch of other jewelry and trinkets, and some scrolls.  Oh, and once we finishing loading all of the loot, the big boss kobold, who we’ve affectionately named Dan, looks at us, waiting for another direction, and we all murder the hell out of him.

With all of this loot, we make our way back out of the lake and through Bronzeport.  We stop on the way out to check and see if the bones of Klevo that were reanimated against us last time we were here were still there, but those bones seem to have disappeared.  We get to the temple where we left Tralion and rest for the night.

July 1st – The next few days we spend travelling back to Shore’s Rest, arriving the morning of the 4th in time to meet Angus.


NEXT STEPS (new developments on old notes in red):

  • We never found the monk in Bronzeport.
  • We do want to go back to Bronzeport again and investigate the crypts below the Temple of Vasho.  We heard some weird noises coming from here.
  • We want to go check out Wesson and see if there are friends to be found there.
  • What artifacts were the Forsynians looking for here in Bronzeport?
  • <s>Should we do something with the wyrmling bones? </s>They’re gone :(
  • We should try to grill the elders about the history of the land, and see if there’s any lore about the Godseed, hopefully we can find out why we’ve been brought here?
  • Do Angus and Taethan know the missing dragon brood?  What is the full story with that?  Was the dude we saw on a boat a dragon?  Is the baby brother dragon still missing?  Is one of the dragons missing a leg?
  • For what it’s worth, we have coke that give us hallucinations and really deep advice.  We think it might be fun to do a bunch of it and see what kind of crazy visions we all have.
  • What’s the story with these statues?  We think it has something to do with the gems in their eyes.  We found a dragon one with a yellow and a red gem that spewed icy dragon breath.  Then we found one that had just one yellow gem, so we should expirament with the two yellow and one red gems that we have.
  • There’s some huge Anacondas in the swamp, but also people that feel their pain or something?  Requires further investigation. 
  • There’s some crazy beast in the woods nearby Shore’s Rest, with wings and a lion’s head or something.  Griffon?
  • We have deeds to some homes in Forsyn, but that might be the center of power of a shitty government that uses zombie slaves.


Attachments (links):


Session 6: Journal Entry 7/26/17
In Aid of Bronzeport

Journal Entry: 7/26/17

Party Members:

  • Inspector Bask Bumblethorpe, Gnome Wizard: Jacob
  • Vordaar, Dragonborn Paladin: Ryan
  • Wellby, Halfling Sorcerer: Scott
  • Algernon, Drow Ranger: Jon
  • Rolen, Wood Elf Ranger: Kevin


Events as recounted by The Inspector.  If anyone else has anything to add, please feel free.  Also, bolding has been added to notate possible avenues to explore in the future.  EDITOR’S NOTE: I had to step out of this session a bunch of times for stupid work, so I might have missed a few things.  Please feel free to add in whatever I’ve missed!

While at camp, a few exciting things happen.  First, Symic, our Gnomish ex-slave friend from Glasswater, apparently got into a little tiff with one of the guards.  The guard, Garen, rude as hell, yelled at Symic because the Gnome was obviously suffering from some PTSD and was being a little crazy.  So Symic lit his hair on fire.  Ten Bevel had Symic chained up and was all piss and vinegar about it, but we were able to persuade him to let him go and cool off, and all parties agreed that we should ensure that this doesn’t happen again.

Tralian, the scout, and his apprentice, Zarak, report back to camp as well.  They found a couple roads from Hecary that they started clearing.  They also were near the swamp and heard a bunch of voices chanting in Draconic, and it sounded kinda insane.  They went to check it out, and saw someone else observing the ritual as well, and taking notes with a quill and ink.  The more we compared notes, we came to realize that the Observer looked like the same dude as the one we saw on our ship.  Interesting.  Still think these snake people are worth checking out.  Maybe they’re bad guys, maybe not, but they seem like our closest neighbors right now, so we should at least try to learn more about them.

Lastly, Zila, Mokishavo’s friend that helped lead us to Hecary, showed up at camp, dirty, wounded, and out of breath.  She said that their holy city of Bronzeport is under attack, with almost everyone dead, and the elders on the run.  She requests our aid in reclaiming the city and driving off the bad guys.  The invaders are wearing the colors of Forsyn, Gray and White, and there are undead, goblinoids (hobgoblins, goblins, and bugbears), as well as a tough looking monk and a necromancer.  We decide that, though we have a lot of things we want to explore, we should head to Bronzeport post-haste.

We head off North towards Bronzeport, with Zila leading the way.  Once we hit the river, we follow that.  The first night is uneventful, and as we set out on the second day, at one point we hear super heavy footfalls in the distance, but they fade away.  We can tell it’s a large animal, but don’t know what it is.  Make camp for the second night, and in the middle of the night, while Rolen is on watch, those heavy footfalls come back.  Rolen wakes us just in time to see a huge Wooly Mammoth with four gigantic tusks start charging us.  He tramples Vordaar, who goes down, but we get him back up and wreck the thing.  Vordaar harvests the tusks, then decides to cut it open, and we find a Worg and a Goblin in its belly.  All of a sudden, they both rise up looking like they’re coming back as undead, but we put ‘em down with a couple well placed boots and some sniping from Algernon and Rolen.

We go back to sleep, and the next morning, when we wake up, we find that the mists that have permeated the air for days were gone and we could see clear to the mountains a great distance off.  We keep heading towards Bronzeport, and towards the end of the third day, we see a sign that says, “BRONZEPORT: CONDEMNED.”  Algernon, Rolen, and Zila all decide to sneak up towards the city, along with my Raven familiar.  They spread out as they move forward, but all of a sudden Zila lets out a cry, so we all charge in to meet her.  She’s facing off against a Goblin riding a Worg and two smaller wolves.  Vordaar runs up to tank the fools, and with a well-placed sleep spell from myself, some artillery fire from Wellby, and our two sniping Rangers, we make quick work of them all.  A bugbear shows up and tries to jump Rolen, but we end up being able to take him down before he can raise the alarm as well.  We manage to keep the goblin alive, and take him back to the sign (where his screams can’t be heard), and interrogate him.  He tells us that the troops from Forsyn are looking for something, and have virtually levelled the town doing so, but haven’t yet found it.  He also again confirms that there are other goblinoids, undead, and a monk and a necromancer in town.  We leave him tied to the sign.

We head up towards the gates of Bronzeport (EDITOR’S NOTE: at this point, it takes us forever to decide how to breach the town).  Bronzeport is kind of built down in a canyon.  The walls are all up on cliifs above the city.  The city itself stretches down towards a cenote, an underground cavernous lake.  A river runs from the west into the city, down a waterfall, and feeds the lake.  It looks like the lake has slowly risen, to claim the shores and buildings of the city, as part of it is all underwater.

Rolen decides to go scout along the west wall, and my raven goes with him.  As he heads over, he notices another raven that seems to be following him.  He finds the West Entrance to the city, that stands by the waterfall.  He also sees some stable-like structure with cages, one of which is holding Mokishavo, others seem to be piled with corpses of zombies.  He talks to Moki briefly, and tells him that we’ve come to free him, and we’ll get the key and come back.  We deduce that the raven was the familiar of the wizard, and saw Rolen, so we think the necromancer will be coming.  Rolen heads back to get the rest of us.  At the same time, Algernon, goes over to the overhang above the cenote and sees the elders hanging out in boats in the lake.  He drops a rope and climbs down to them, but is not necessarily greeted warmly.  One of the elders casts Hold Person on him and he drops into the boat.  They ask him “who gave you permission to come onto our holy lake?”  He tells them they need to cool it, and we’re here to rescue them.  He then rows the boat over to the Northern wall with them where they bamf up to the surface, and head towards the western entrance to join the rest of us.

We see the wizard heading over to the Western Entrance, presumably to investigate where he saw Rolen.  We all (minus Algernon) book over there to try to take him by surprise while he’s alone, and end up murdering the hell out of him without him being able to get a spell off.  On his person we find a note that tasks him with recovering some artifacts in Bronzeport, recovering the bones of one of the twin children of Vasho, and eliminating the Godseed (we still don’t know who that is.  Is it us?  Is it the children of Vasho?).  It also says that with him is a monk named Wynn of the Secret Hand, who sounds super tough, and must be the monk that’s also here.  Also, the wizard’s raven tries to fly off, cawing an alarm, but Rolen put a fucking arrow through his eyes from like 100 feet off.  Killer shot, rookie.

So, we’re now faced with a town with a bunch of undead and gobs and a monk, and aren’t sure how to proceed.  I decide to try out one of those crazy Gloves that we got back in Hecary, the Glove of Zombie Control, to try to get all the undead to come to us so we can kill them.  It’s crazy, and it ages me a year, and it doesn’t really work.  The undead start coming towards us, but get distracted by something alive in a tower in town.  They’re all just sitting there, trying to get into the tower, include the animated bones of a small dragon, roughly the size of a horse.  So, once Algernon joins us with the two elders Rusho and Trappel, we head down to ambush the distracted undead.  We manage to take them all down without too much trouble, and decide to head into the tower to investigate what’s alive in there. 

The tower looks like an old library of some sort, but it’s been mostly looted.  We recall seeing the remains of a large bonfire outside, and realize that almost all of the books have been burned.  A travesty.  We do find two little clippings on the floor that look to be out of a religious text of some sort, one from the book of Dvusho and one from the book of Darius (attached).  We hear what sounds like goblins hiding in between some bookshelves, so Vordaar runs up and slams into the shelves, knocking them over and crushing the gobs.  Awesome.  One was trying to get away and was only half crushed, and is squirming with his legs caught.  I walk over, look him in the eyes, and slowly step on his throat.  I fucking hate goblins.  With them gone, we know that there’s at least one hobgoblin and the monk left in the town, and we think they’re upstairs.  I send my rave up the stairs, and as soon as he clears the floor, an arrow slams into him and he’s destroyed.  RIP

So, with caution, we all head up the stairs and search the place, but find it completely abandoned.  Algernon manages to spot some tracks in the dust though, that we follow up to the third floor, which is mostly crumbled and open to the sky.  There, the tracks jump off and land on the ground, and head south.  The monk must have knew we were coming and left.  I sound my horn, and shout out a challenge, but am greeted only with silence.  As we descend, all of a sudden we hear a horn blown in response to mine, and from what we can tell, it’s coming from the Monastery in the southwest of town.  

However, at this point, it’s really late in real life, and we have to call it a night, leaving Wynn of the Secret Hand and at least one hobgoblin holed up in the Monastery of Bronzeport, and our last barrier to the liberation of Bronzeport.  (Again, if anyone remembers anything that I missed, or if I left out any dope shit, feel free to respond!)



  • The elders in Bronzeport worship a new dragon named Frossay.  They’ve never seen or met her, but she says she’s a dragon so they worship her.  She says she’s the kin of Vasho.  However, when they started worshipping her, the cenote became very cold, and now has chunks of ice in it.
  • Vasho had four children.  The oldest is Dvusho, then Sriko, then two twins, Klevo & Eylo.  The twins’ eggs hatches after the death of Vasho.  One of the twins, Klevo was killed, and it’s rumored it was killed by Darius.  The bones of Klevo were the undead wyrmling that we just killed.  We should probably collect them and inter them somewhere with honor?
  • Dvusho considers himself an observer of Oscos, and loves to run around in humanoid and other forms just being around the people, per the scraps of religious text we found.  We think that he was the one that was observing the snake-people and was on our boat as well.
  • At this point we think that we are the Godseed, but we aren’t sure what that means, or if there’s some lore or prophecy that says something about this.  Should we ask the elders?

NEXT STEPS (new developments on old notes in red):

  • Bronzeport has been, like, mostly liberated, but we had to leave.  There’s still at least a Monk there, named Wynn of the Secret Hand, with a bugbear friend, possibly more.
  • What artifacts were the Forsynians looking for here in Bronzeport?
  • Should we do something with the wyrmling bones?
  • We should try to grill the elders about the history of the land, and see if there’s any lore about the Godseed, hopefully we can find out why we’ve been brought here?
  • What’s up with that dust cloud / earthquake that came from the north?  Worth investigating?
  • Do Angus and Taethan know the missing dragon brood?  What is the full story with that?  Was the dude we saw on a boat a dragon?  Is the baby brother dragon still missing?  Is one of the dragons missing a leg?
  • For what it’s worth, we have coke that give us hallucinations and really deep advice.  We think it might be fun to do a bunch of it and see what kind of crazy visions we all have, but we decide that we don’t have the time to do it now, since we were trying to liberate Bronzeport.
  • What’s the story with these statues?  The one at Glasswater looked odd, but we didn’t take a closer look.  There was one at Bronzeport as well, but we didn’t spend the time to study it.  I think it had both an open hand and a hand holding a sword (pommel extended) both pointing towards the city).  There’s a pattern to these for sure. We’ve now seen 3, I believe.  One in the woods by Shore’s Rest, one in GW, and one in BP.
  • There’s some huge Anacondas in the swamp, but also people that feel their pain or something?  Requires further investigation. UPDATE: Apparently, they were doing a Ritual of some sort, and were being observed by someone hidden, same dude as we saw on the boat, is this Dvusho?  These guys are def still worth investigating.
  • There’s some crazy beast in the woods nearby Shore’s Rest, with wings and a lion’s head or something.  Griffon?
  • We have deeds to some homes in Forsyn, but that might be the center of power of a shitty government that uses zombie slaves.


Attachments (link):

  • Map of Bronzeport, both from above and within the cenote.
  • Necromancer’s note.
  • Passage from the book of Darius
  • Passage from the book of Dvusho


Session 5: Journal Entry 7/12

Journal Entry: 7/12/17

Party Members:

  • Inspector Bask Bumblethorpe, Gnome Wizard: Jacob
  • Rekken, Dwarf Druid: Domenic
  • Vordaar, Dragonborn Paladin: Ryan
  • Brân, Elven Rogue, Rich
  • Varis, Elven Wizard, Witko


Events as recounted by The Inspector.  If anyone else has anything to add, please feel free.  Also, bolding has been added to notate possible avenues to explore in the future.  NOTE: Rek, Vordaar, Brân, & Varis, we didn’t divide up loot.  I’ve added what money we got and a suggestion for who should take what down below towards the end.  Let me know if you disagree with anything.

We started with a quick tap-back, as we now had the inventory for when Angus was in town last session and did a little time shopping.  Janna the cook of Shore’s Rest was interested in some spices he had, so we bought a ton of those, as well as a cookbook, some fishing gear, and a block and tackle for the camp.  Rekken bought a book about the Flora and Fauna of Oscos.  Brân also purchased a nice +1 Mithril Dagger, and a couple of flaming crossbow bolts.  No telling when that will come in handy!  Angus was a little bit odd, in that he really liked copper, though where we come from, it’s virtually worthless. 

When we begin in earnest, we were approached by one of the denizens of the camp, Linda, an Elven weaver.  She tells us Barrett wants us to come and see him.  Last time we saw Barrett, he punched me in the face, and was rifling through our stuff with a face full of coke.  We didn’t have high hopes for what he had to say.  We also overheard some people talking about a huge cloud of dust that passed through camp, coming from the north.  We think it likely had something to do with the earthquake we felt last time we were in camp.  Maybe it’s worth seeing if we can find where this came from?

We go see Barrett in the medical tent, and he’s sick and full of regret (classic post-coke binge).  He said there was something weird about the coke he did, and that it gave him hallucinations of some sort.  He then said, “The Godseed have come.  All lives are valuable, but those in their way are forfeit.”  Ominous as fuck.  Unsure if the Godseed is us?  Maybe it’s those weird dragon-people we’ve heard of / possible encountered?  Either way, we decide Barrett is whacked out and decide to take a look at the huge stash of coke we found that Barrett tried to smuggle over, and then steal from us.  It looks like there’s some weird mold on it.  Rekken looks it up in his new Flora & Fauna book, and it looks like it’s called “Blue Mold,” and is extremely rare, and also quite toxic.  After a brief discussion, Rekken decides to blow a line of it to see what the story is with it.  It’s definitely coke. 

We decide to go explore the caves underneath Shore’s Rest.  Brân has scoped it out some before, so he helps guide us through, but the way is still pretty treacherous.  Lots of steep slippery descents and narrow passages to squeeze through.  At one point, Rekken slips and starts sliding down the path, but I foresaw this happening, and managed to snag him and keep him safe.  He’s really sweaty and talking pretty fast though.  We then get to a really long run of the path that looks completely underwater, but Rekken, still all amped up, manages to just dissipate all the water in a show of badass Druidic magic, so we cruise through no problem.  The path culminates in a large cavern with a big drop down to water.  We see a half-sunken ship in the water, and then on some land past that, we see a table and living areas set up.  Vordaar senses some undead, and we see a skeleton chained up on the land, and then we notice movement in the water.  We also see some humanoids of some sort speaking Abyssal and Aquan, but none of us can understand it at all.  Varis casts Featherfall on us, and we all glide down and land on the ship, and some harpoons fly out of the darkness at Vordaar!  Merrows and merfolk attack us!  We totally fuck them up royally, though one merman manages to swim out of the cavern into what we believe is open sea.  We also notice that they were not at full strength; some of them have huge burn marks and look wounded.

After the battle, we search around some and notice that there are huge claw marks on the boat and on the rock face.  The ship is almost as big as the Laughing Gull, and as we search it we notice some objects floating in the water around it.  Brân uses his grappling hook to fish one in…and it’s a decomposing half-orc leg.  Super gross.  Rekken decides to talk to one of the bats flying around, and it tells us that the half-orc was on the ship and tried to rebel against the merfolk that were holding him captive, so they cut off his leg and tied it to kelp underwater.  We deduce that this is the merfolk equivalent of putting a head on a pike.  The bat also says that a great creature came in here, and that this used to be a smuggler’s cave, but the creature didn’t like that, and it came in and fucked up the boat and rocks.  It also suggested that maybe there was a clue on the boat?  We continue searching the boat, and Vordaar finds a note that reads:

“Thou deserveth far less, but alas I afford thee one warning: Sail thee ne’er again upon these waves, pirate.  Heed not my warning, and we will pursue thee to thine safest place, and there in your refuge wouldst thou learn real fear.”  Signed DVUSHO and SRIKO

We recall that those names were also mentioned by Angus and Taethan in their notes back at the Hard Bard in Glasswater, along with something about a younger brother missing as well.  Maybe Dvusho and Sriko are dragons?  The missing Brood of King Vasho?  The names certainly seem familiar.  And are they related to the scaley-turning dude that was on the wreckage of the Laughing Gull?

Anyway, we continue to investigate the ship.  We see some weird mechanisms under the steering wheel, which I recognize to be of Gnomish tinkering design.  I follow them through the boat down to the rudder, and they lead to a mithril-tipped rod that looks like it was hitting a hexagon-shaped spot on the back of the boat.  We look in the water near there, and find a hexagon broken on the bottom of the sea with an arcane rune that I recognize to mean water, and seems to contain traces of magic.  We save it for later for inspection, and maybe to give to Algernon and Barus that are attempting to build a boat to see if that helps at all?  We also see a bronze-scaled leg down in the water as well, which resembles the guy we saw on the Laughing Gull…maybe one of the dragon-dudes was here and injured?  We do strip the bronze scales off of it though, because they might be valuable, and then head to the strip of land here inside the cavern.

At this point, Rekken gets a crazy coke-hallucination and hears someone say to him, “Vanquish this evil and move along; your purpose is greater.”  Coke Dreams are wild.

On the landing, there are three doors.  The leftmost one leads to living quarters that seem to be housing three prisoners.  Two humans and a half-orc missing a leg.  Brân recognizes the Half-Orc as an old acquaintance named Grollock.  He and the two humans, Emay and Wulfgar, were travelling here on the Laughing Gull, and the last thing they remembered was the wreck, and then waking up in these cells.  Rekken gives them some Goodberries, and we get them some fresh air while we continue exploring, with the promise of bringing them with us to Shore’s Rest.  The middle door from the landing leads to a little antechamber, and then to a door that leads out to the beach.  We decide we’re kinda exhausted, so take a rest there in the antechamber.  Luckily we rotate watches, as in the middle of the night, the Marrow that got away tries to sneak up on us, but we make quick work of him.  We go to the third door, and Brân uses Mage Hand to pick the lock, which is really awesome.  It’s the pirates treasure room.  We find a ton of stuff, as well as stairs leading to the surface.

  • 380 copper, 180 silver, and 24 gold each (NOTE: WE FORGOT TO DIVY THIS UP BETWEEN THE FIVE OF US, WRITE THIS DOWN)
  • A collection of 10 gems, each worth 50g (NOTE: WE DIDN’T DIVY THESE UP EITHER, LET’S EACH TAKE TWO)
  • Scrolls of Command, Minor Illusion, False Life, Tenser’s Floating Disc, and Arcane Lock (I’M GONNA TAKE FALSE LIFE AND TENSER’S, COMMAND IS A PALLY SPELL, VORDAARVARIS DO YOU WANT MINOR ILLUSION AND ARCANE LOCK?)
  • A Potion of Poison and a Potion of Greater Healing (BRAN TAKES THE POISON, VORDAAR THE HEAL?)

We make it back to Shore’s Rest with the three people from the Smuggler’s Cave.  When we get there, Rey Carver and Ten Bevel ask to meet with us.  They ask us about the coke, and we tell them that we’re gonna keep it locked away in our Arcane Locked Adventurer’s Quarters where nobody can access it.  We all decide that coke is outlawed, but that we would keep it for research, as we’re getting some weird vibes from the mold.  We also decide that Barrett shows remorse, and seems like he’d like to be rehabilitated, and so we assign him a sponsor in town to check in on him and make sure he keeps it on the straight and narrow.  Linda the Elven weaver will take him under her wing, and get him back into leatherworking.

We hear call of a rider approaching, and look out to see Zela, who we met before with Mokishavo that took us to Hecary, though she’s covered in dirt.  She says that Moki sent her, and that they need help in Bronzeport.



  • There are a series of caverns under the Barrow Mounds and under the outhouse.  These warrant some investigation. INVESTIGATED.
  • What did that note in the tip jar mean?  “Going secretly to Papp’s Sauna for Sara Jean” signed E.  Is this code of some sort?  TALKED TO BRÂN, WE THINK THIS IS CODE FOR GOING TO A BROTHEL
  • We have now found more information about Bronzeport, a town we had heard of in some of the notes left in the home at Shore’s Rest, and was brought up in the notes we found at the Hard Bard.  Now apparently Moki is there and needs help.
  • What’s up with that dust cloud / earthquake that came from the north?  Worth investigating?
  • Do Angus and Taethan know the missing dragon brood?  What is the full story with that?  Was the dude we saw on a boat a dragon?  Is the baby brother dragon still missing?  Is one of the dragons missing a leg?
  • For what it’s worth, we have coke that give us hallucinations and really deep advice. 
  • What’s the story with these statues?  The one at Glasswater looked odd, but we didn’t take a closer look.
  • There’s some huge Anacondas in the swamp, but also people that feel their pain or something?  Requires further investigation.
  • There’s some crazy beast in the woods nearby Shore’s Rest, with wings and a lion’s head or something.  Griffon?
  • We have deeds to some homes in Forsyn, but that might be the center of power of a shitty government that uses zombie slaves.



  • Picture of the twisting path of caves under Shore’s Rest to get to the Smuggler’s Cove
  • Picture of the note left by Dvusho & Sriko for the shitty pirates




**** Brân interjected with a correction around the campfire: 


Many thanks for the excellent recap Inspector! But I do feel duty bound to clarify the translation of the note found in the tip Jar at the Hard Bard.

The text, written in Thieve's Cant, is as follows: "Going secretly to Papp's Sauna for Sara Jean" signed E. 

While tis true that "Sara Jean" is a slang term for a whore, the full meaning of the note is more complex – consider the phrase "Papp's Sauna for Sara Jean". In this case "Sauna" means a place that would make a whore sweat, much like the more common phrase "Sweating like a whore in church." Therefore, the clandestine meeting was at a church, temple, or similar place of worship. As to who or what "Papp" or "E" refers to, I haven't the foggiest.


Bran Glyn'Dwr


Session 4: Journal Entry 6/29

Journal Entry: 6/29/17 [You guys, this is a long one, sorry, but we learned a lot]


Party Members:

  • Inspector Bask Bumblethorpe, Gnome Wizard: Jacob
  • Rekken, Dwarf Druid: Domenic
  • Gimble, Gnome Druid: Josh
  • Ravel Pythagora, Half-Elf Bard: Ben


Events as recounted by The Inspector.  If anyone else has anything to add, please feel free.  Also, bolding has been added to notate possible avenues to explore in the future.


We decide that we want to explore Glasswater, but first want to take care of some things at camp.


Tristan Graystone, a Halfling sailor at camp, was tasked with checking out the running water underneath the barrow mound.  We have closed off two of the four Barrow Mounds to keep them as the Adventurer’s Quarters, where we can store our stuff.  The water was under one of the other ones.  Tristan ripped up more of the tiles and scoped it out, found that there was a natural cave underneath the mounds.  There are tunnels underneath that run for a long time, then open into a huge cavern, with what seems like a long drop down to water with some debris in it, and a little bit of light shining in from somewhere.  He couldn’t explore all of it, though, but we definitely have to investigate this cave.


               Barrett, the drunk leatherworker that seemed kinda shady, and brought a ton of drugs with him that we found on the ship but didn’t return to him, was tasked with investigating the crazy long hole/tunnel under the outhouse.  He can’t make any progress around it, so knocks down the privy to investigate further.  He gets Tristan to go down into the tunnel since he’s small, but he couldn’t make a ton of progress through the tiny shit-stained tunnel.  As we’re talking to Tristan, he seems like he’s hiding something, but Ravel buddies up to him and eventually he reveals that Barrett threatened him unless he went down there to explore, and Tristan ended up getting sick with all the gross shit there.  Barrett seems like a piece of shit himself.  Is this connected to the caves beneath the Barrow Mounds?


               Ten Bevel mounted the ballistae from the ship that we recovered on top of one of the structures at Shore’s Rest, and started a second smaller wall outside the garden (updated map of Shore’s Rest attached).  We talk to Rey Carver some, and she seems to be doing a little better now that she has some closure with what happened to her father, the famed explorer Chris Carver that was leading this trip (he’s dead).  We talk a lot about the dude that we encountered on the ship; he was tall, blonde, pretty, and well-kept, and Rey asked us if we felt the weird aura that surrounded him (we didn’t really).  We also discuss how he seemed to transform when he dived off the ship, and I recall that it looked like he started to develop like bronze scales as he jumped.  Ravel says he’s heard lore about shapeshifting creatures like wizards, yuan-ti (snake people), and dragons.  We notice that all the dragon statues are bronze and think there might be a connection between them and the guy we encountered.


Barus Grayport and our fellow adventurer Algernon have been working on a boat some, and seem to be making some decent progress.  Tralion and the scouts followed the bloody path that lead NNE from camp, and deduced that it was a path that some undead had taken on their route to Hecary.  They also found a road going NE from Hecary that we think might lead to Glasswater, and update our map for us a little bit.  Fentin Hagerman, a miner from camp, has been going out with Tralion looking for any ore quarries, but the only thing he can find is that bright white metal that we don’t recognize.  After talking with Oroth Windstone, the smith, Ravel thinks that this metal is Mithril, which is a legendary metal that we’ve heard about but nobody has ever seen where we come from.  Oroth says he might be able to use it, but would need to find clay to build a kiln.  We ask Fentin to keep his eyes peeled for any in his mining excavations.  Also, Rekken and Gimble, the druids, spend some time with the farmers at camp, Mick and Tawn, working on the big-ass garden. 


We’re getting ready to head out, and we feel a large earthquake.  Rekken and I go down to the Adventure’s Quarters to make sure everything is ok, but on our way down, Ten Bevel calls out that a traveler is approaching, so Ravel and Gimble go check it out.  When Rekken and I get down to our quarters, we see Barrett going through all of our shit.  I cast Suggestion on him, and tell him to stand in one spot and jump up and down until we get back, and then we head up to meet Ravel and Gimble and see who this traveler is.


A Half-Elf bard-looking guy approaches the camp, named Angus.  We invite him in and he seems like he wants to trade.  He has a lot of equipment, including some magical stuff, that we look over for a bit, and make some trades.  However, it seems like he knows a lot about the world, and being the first native that seems like he’s willing to talk to us about it, we end up asking him a million questions, and hiring him to take us to Glasswater as a guide, while we keep asking him a million questions.  Things we learned from Angus:


  • We’re in what was formerly known as the Halfling Lands of Oscos
  • Oscos is the country and also the continent (in the same way as America is both).
  • There’s a border to the north, at the mountains, to the Behemoth Lands, and oceans on all other sides of the continent.  The oceans are highly dangerous.
  • The war 12 years ago (the year 905) was between Oscos and the Behemonths.
  • King Vasho, aka The Bronze King, was a Dragon, and the king of Oscos, and fell in battle against the Behemoths (this is known as The Fall).
  • Darius and his paladins drove back the Behemoths, and Darius is now the king of Oscos, known as the High Holiness.
  • Angus learned about us from the natives, and came to find us.
  • Angus asks a lot of questions about our defenses at Shore’s Rest (we don’t like this).
  • People outside of the capital are all referred to as Outlanders.
  • Nobody has heard from Darius in a long time.
  • Darius commanded everyone to move to Forsyn after The Fall.
  • All the statues that we have seen around of dragons are of Vasho

Angus takes us to Hecary (halfway between Shore’s Rest and Glasswater) for the cost of one of the copper trade bars that we had.  Then offers to take us to Glasswater for a second bar.  Then will answer all of our questions for a third bar.  After discussion, we agree to this.  On the way to Glasswater, we run into a pair of bugears, dragging off a dead griffon.  We manage to kill them both easily, but discover that Angus has disappeared.  He left a note that said “sorry, I had to,” and leaves us one of our copper bars (honorable of him).  However, we also noticed that he left no when we saw the bugbears, but instead when they took off running towards Glasswater, which we found odd.  Also, Gimble and Rekken each took one of the two Griffon eggs that the bugbears were about to destroy.


We head towards Glasswater, and hear what sounds like wooden whistles and the sound when you rub your finger on the edge of a glass with water on it, along with the sound of seagulls and smell the salt in the air.  As we approach the outskirts of the town, we notice another statue of an armored man, the same as the other one we saw, though its arms don’t quite look right.  In town we see what looks like the remnants of a huge battle between elves and bugbears, with lots of dead on both sides.  Rekken talks to a seagull, which tells him that the bugbears won.  We investigate the buildings, but don’t find much, except this really cool looking Lute, which Ravel picks up immediately.


We head down to lower Glasswater, the majority of the city is down by the water, and find the source of the sounds we were hearing.  All the trees are carved like whistles, so the wind blows them.  The water is completely still, like glass, and there are all these fish that make the other sound when they jump into the air.  Never seen anything like this before!  We see a flash of like purple hair on a Halfling, and call out, but the Halfling runs away.  As we head down, we notice this rune on a wall, but Ravel recognizes it and plays his lute and we pass by safely.  As we walk, all of a sudden that Halfling pops out and grabs us and pulls us into this bush.  The Halfling says, “oh, good, Ravel, right?” and drags us towards a building.  All of a sudden a bugbear pops out and one-shots the Halfling.  We blast the bugbear, who is dragging a Gnome slave behind him, named Symae.  We talk to Symae, but tell him to wait here while we check out the building that the Halfling was taking us to, the only stone building in town, which we deduce is the Hard Bard (the name of the inn that the note that piqued our curiosity about Glasswater mentioned).


We enter the Hard Bard, and there are three bugbears inside, all wearing white and gray hats, which are the colors of Forsyn.  We blast the hell out of them quickly, with a couple of Thunderwaves and then a Sleep spell.  We heard them arguing about a door, and as we look around, Ravel finds a couple secret notes and a tip jar.  The first note is from someone named Taethan to Angus, the bard we were with, and it looks like someone tried to burn it.  The second note is from Angus, to Taethan, and dated today, and talks about us some, and has ink spilled on it (both notes attached).  Inside the tip jar, there’s a note rolled up that says, “Going secretly to Papp’s Sauna for Sara Jean,” and is signed E.  Doesn’t make any sense.  It looks like there should be some kind of door behind the bar, but we can’t figure it out.  However, in Elvish, over the bar, it reads, “Play along, leave a tip of gold, together discover legends untold!”  This stands out, as everything else in the bar looks Dwarfish, so Ravel plays a song, and Gimble drops a gold into the tip jar, and the secret door opens!  It leads into what looks like a temple of the Dwarven God Moradin, the Creator, except now it’s covered in Bronze Dragon stuffs that are not Dwarven.  We deduce the temple was abandoned long ago, and was last used as some kind of resistance or something that was dedicated to the Bronze King Vasho.


The whole temple seems like it’s been converted into like an information-sharing headquarters, there’s paper-making desks and lots of writing supplies and ink and stuff.  In one of the back rooms, we find a whole load of what look to be clandestine correspondence of some sort, just like the notes that we found in that stash-space in the tree near our camp (all attached, more info about the world and the history of it).  There are a few remaining rooms which we hear sounds coming from, and it’s just reanimated corpses.  We finish them off, and find a bunch of other stuff:


  • Giant Arrow covered in old blood
  • Potion of Animal Friendship (Rekken)
  • Wand of Web (Rekken)
  • 3 Philters of Love (2 Ravel, 1 Rekken)
  • 2 Barrels of Clean Water
  • Navagational Tools worth 25g
  • Mask made of Cloth of Gold with dolphins on it worth 25g
  • An Immovable Rod (Bask)
  • Potion of Water Breathing (Gimble)
  • Some random weapons and instruments
  • A Necklace of the Sliver Moon (Ravel)

We collect everything, including our new friend and ex-slave Symae, and head back to Shore’s Rest.



  • There are a series of caverns under the Barrow Mounds and under the outhouse.  These warrant some investigation.
  • What did that note in the tip jar mean?  “Going secretly to Papp’s Sauna for Sara Jean” signed E.  Is this code of some sort?
  • We have now found more information about Bronzeport, a town we had heard of in some of the notes left in the home at Shore’s Rest, and was brought up in the notes we found at the Hard Bard.
  • What’s the story with these statues?  The one at Glasswater looked odd, but we didn’t take a closer look.
  • There’s some huge Anacondas in the swamp, but also people that feel their pain or something?  Requires further investigation.
  • There’s some crazy beast in the woods nearby Shore’s Rest, with wings and a lion’s head or something.  Griffon?
  • We have deeds to some homes in Forsyn, but that might be the center of power of a shitty government that uses zombie slaves.


Attachment: PDF with

  • Updated Shore’s Rest Map
  • Map of Glasswater
  • Note to Angus
  • Note from Angus
  • Tip Jar
  • Note in Tip Jar
  • Map of the Hard Bard Underground
  • All of the headlines/notes that we found in the Underground, with then some analysis from Rekken and Bask.

Also, props to Rekken for putting together the document with the headlines, sorry I jacked the formatting of your questions on the last page.


Session 3: Journal Entry: 06/15/17
Back to The Laughing Gull

Journal Entry: 6/15/17

Party Members:

  • Inspector Bask Bumblethorpe, Gnome Wizard: Jacob
  • Vordaar, Dragonborn Paladin: Ryan
  • Brân Glyndwr, Elven Rogue: Rich
  • Rekken, Dwarf Druid [Editor’s Note: the E in his name should have an umlaut over the top of it, but apparently in our mundane world that character does not actually exist.  Use your imagination.)


Events as recounted by The Inspector.  If anyone else has anything to add, please feel free.  Also, bolding has been added to notate possible avenues to explore in the future.

Since our last outing, we’ve decided to set up a source for fresh water.  We managed to rig a pulley system to raise buckets of water from the nearby cliffs down to the ocean, and then create a desalination machine that boils and collects the water to purify it.  Fresh water problem, solved.  We mention that we were gonna go to the boat, and some shady guy named Berrit, a leatherworker, expresses concern; he says he has a bunch of porn there, but Brân uses his Medallion of Detect Thoughts to deduce that he actually has a ton of drugs that he was smuggling on the ship.  Apparently this guy wanted to become the Kingpin of the new world.  We don’t let him know that we know his secret.

We also notice, and remember that we had noticed this before, the outhouse seems to go down, like, really far.  This is noteworthy too, as we were unable to dig a well due to a ton of limestone not too far below the surface.  We ask some of the crew that’s staying at camp to dig around the outhouse to see if there’s a reason this might be the case, and then asked some others to try to rappel down the cliffs and see if there are any openings on it.  If this doesn’t help figure out what’s up with the outhouse, it might lead us to finding out what’s up with the running water that was under the pulled up tiles in one of the barrow mounds.

With that, we head out, joined by Rey, as she wants to find her father at the shipwreck.  We decided that we want to go investigate the shipwreck and see what the story is with that, after hearing some reports that people had seen movement on it.  We head east towards the spring/wolf’s den area, then turn south, as we want to explore a little inland of the coast on our way back to our initial campsite.  We run into Tralion, the scout, and he tells us a couple things.  First, he saw a bugbear north of Hecary, which might bode further investigation.  Then also, at one point the fog lifted when he was in an open field, and he saw that to the far north there is a huge mountain range.  He estimates roughly 100 miles away, though he can’t be sure.

We continue south, and though I fall slightly ill for some reason, Rekken gives me a Goodberry and I stop shitting myself.  We make camp for the evening, and have an uneventful night.  We continue south and reach the edge of the swamp.  As we’re traversing through, we come across an Anaconda, just kinda chillin.  It’s frickin huge, so we being the bold adventurers we are, we kill it.  Vordaar manages to Critically Smite the thing, and almost one-shot it.  However, we did notice that when his blow landed, we heard a scream from like 100 feet away that sounded humanoid and female.  After we kill it, we hear a sound of a crash and someone running away.  We also see a bulge in the stomach of the Anaconda, and cut ‘er open.  Inside is a whole boar, in a bear trap, and a Dwarf that is tattooed and dressed like the natives that we saw before.  He’s got a pretty fancy ring that we Identify as a Compass Ring that always points north.  Rekken, being the best at surviving in the wild among the four of us, snags it.  Then we take off towards the direction of the sound.  We end up losing the tracks at some deeper water.  We push forward into the night to try to get out of the swamp to camp, and get to some higher ground that turns back to forest, and setup camp for the night.  When we wake up, we see there are slither-tracks of another one of those giant anacondas near the edge of the swamp, but we were not disturbed during the night.  So, there are some big snakes with some kind of connection to humanoids of some sort in the same.  Though we’d like to investigate further, we decide to push on to the shipwreck.

We head due south and arrive at our initial campsite.  It looks almost just like we left it, though we do see some newer tracks that circle the camp and came from and go back to the cliff.  We scale down the cliff to the shallows, and see our shipwreck a couple hundred feet out, but the waves are pretty crazy.  After some trial and error, and a few people dashed against the cliff face by waves, we figure out to use a grappling hook to go from rocktop to rocktop, which will eventually lead us to the boat.  We do so without too many problems, though we do have to rely heavily on Vordaar’s strength.  Rey is impressed, and Rekken is jealous of the attention.  We get to the last large outcropping that our ship broke against, and realize the ship was actually lashed to the rock with lots of ropes.  There’s a lifeboat overturned on the rock, and Rekken checks underneath, only to find a Dwarf, that he recognizes as his sister-in-law Voldrum, who was a companion to Chris Carver.  RIP.

We move onto the ship, and see a body laid out with a sailcloth draped over it, that turns out to be Chris Carver.  It seems like during the wreck, he was impaled on the splintered steering wheel, but someone has laid him out like this.  Rey is devastated.  However, we hear footsteps coming from below.  We head down into the ship to investigate, and in Carver’s quarters, we see a dude standing there.  He looks at us (specifically us, not at Rey), and says “I can’t believe it’s you.”  He then turns and dives out one of the windows.  We try to stop him, but to no avail.  Brân shoots him but he doesn’t even flinch, and we notice that as he dives into the water, his feet seem to web or something, and he’s just gone in a blink and doesn’t surface.  We search the rest of the boat, and aside from all of the dead that we find (that we notice DID NOT animate, like so many dead we’ve seen before have), we find a bunch of stuff.

·        A bunch of silver and gold that we split among the party and Rey.

·        The Charter of the Laughing Gull, signed by the Queen of Avni, giving the ship the right to declare conquest in new lands.

·        An odd small box with runes, Identified as a Box of Sending, but we don’t know where the twin is.

·        2 weeks of good food (and a bunch of rotten food we dispose of)

·        4 days of water

·        3 sets of leather armor

·        2 sets of scale mail

·        10 short swords

·        5 corssbows with 10 quivers

·        3 casks of run

·        2 large tens

·        Building tools

·        Seeds

·        1000 feet of rope

·        Navigational equipment

·        Heavy mounted crossbows (can be used for our settlement’s defenses)

·        Warning bell (can be used for our settlement’s defenses)

·        10 bottles of whiskey

·        Barret’s hand-drawn porn

·        Barret’s drugs (which we decide he doesn’t need, though haven’t decided what we’d do with yet).


We pile all of this stuff into the lifeboat and row it to shore, after giving all of the dead and Chris Carver a proper burial at sea.  We get everything to shore, and then send back to camp for the wagon, and escort it and all our supplies back to camp.



  • Unsure what’s going on with the outhouse or the running water under one of the barrow mounds.  Possible that the crew back at the campsite has discovered something while we were gone?
  • There’s at least one bugbear north of Hecary.  Where there’s one, there’s likely more.
  • There’s some huge Anacondas in the swamp, but also people that feel their pain or something?  Requires further investigation.
  • We never found more information about Bronzeport, a town we had heard of in some of the notes left in the home at Shore’s Rest.
  • There’s a bloody trail with signs of bears that heads N/NE from Shore’s Rest
  • There’s some crazy beast in the woods nearby Shore’s Rest, with wings and a lion’s head or something.
  • There might be a civilization in Glasswater with a resistance of some sort that we wanted to check out but didn’t make it there.
  • We have deeds to some homes in Forsyn, but that might be the center of power of a shitty government that uses zombie slaves.




Attachments: map of the coast and sea leading to the shipwreck.



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